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eDesiderata Now Customized

Fev 24 2014
Contact: Virginia Kerr - vkerr [at] crl [dot] edu

eDesiderata Now Customized

CRL’s eDesiderata platform, designed to provide information about and track the status of e-resources under consideration for member licensing, has a new customizing feature. In meDesiderata, users select individual e-resources, or sets of e-resources (for example, from a given publisher or in a specified subject area) to “watch,” and then are notified of changes, additions, and updates on those items or sets of items. Users can also generate and download personalized spreadsheets of “watched” sets.

An additional enhancement to eDesiderata is the display of institutional affiliation along with the name of the user posting a comment. eDesiderata also offers options for “anonymous” and “private” comments, where names and/or comments are displayed only to CRL staff.

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