The Charleston Advisor

As a benefit of CRL membership, librarians and specialists at CRL libraries have free access to the online review The Charleston Advisor (TCA). Together CRL and TCA are working to provide trustworthy, actionable information on electronic scholarly resources and services, to promote more informed investment and acquisition decisions by CRL libraries.

About The Charleston Advisor

The Charleston Advisor, a widely used and respected collection development tool, has rated over six hundred electronic products and services since it was established in 1999. TCA reviews contain useful information on the cost, content, and performance of digital collections and online resources.

Prioritizing Electronic Resource Reviews

We are interested in knowing which databases and digital collections member libraries are considering for acquisition, or would like to bring to the attention of the larger CRL community. We encourage specialists and librarians at CRL institutions to recommend electronic resources of interest for reviews. We will pursue having reviews included in CRL’s Global Resources Forum or in The Charleston Advisor.