A Page from CRL History

CRL began as the Midwest Inter-Library Corporation (MILC) in 1949. Above is a photograph from the MILC Advisory Committee of Librarians in Kansas City on June 24, 1957. Seated, left to right: Viola Gustavson (Crerar), Robert Downs (Illinois), James Jones (St. Louis), Ralph Esterquest (MILC), Helen Schmidt (MILC), Niove Kyparissiotics (Cincinnati), Herman Fussler (Chicago), and E. B. Stanford (Minnesota). Standing: Jackson Towne (Michigan State), Robert T. Grazier (Wayne), Jens Nyholm (Northwestern), Peter W. Demery (Marquette), David T. Wilder (Kansas), John Moriarty (Purdue), Lou Kaplan (Wisconsin), Oliver C. Dunn (Purdue), Robert L. Talmadge (Kansas), Cecil Byrd (Indiana), and Ralph Ellsworth (Iowa).

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