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Name/DepartmentExt. *Email
Liya Ai285lai [at] crl [dot] edu
Judy Eckoff Alspach 323eckoff [at] crl [dot] edu
Maurice Bell331mbell [at] crl [dot] edu
Russ Bomhof335rbomhof [at] crl [dot] edu
Michelle Carver321mcarver [at] crl [dot] edu
Carolyn Ciesla315cciesla [at] crl [dot] edu
Alan Diep287adiep [at] crl [dot] edu
William M. Drzewiecki425wdrewiecki [at] crl [dot] edu
Serafima Dukhan326sdukhan [at] crl [dot] edu
Don Dyer317ddyer [at] crl [dot] edu
Stephen Early326searly [at] crl [dot] edu
Andrew Elliott326aelliott [at] crl [dot] edu
Morgan Elmore335melmore [at] crl [dot] edu
Lorraine Farley336lfarley [at] crl [dot] edu
Robert Farley333rfarley [at] crl [dot] edu
Patricia Finney328pfinney [at] crl [dot] edu
Marcella Fisher330mfisher [at] crl [dot] edu
Nathaniel Florin322nflorin [at] crl [dot] edu
Gerald Hall318ghall [at] crl [dot] edu
McKinley Hudson 321mhudson [at] crl [dot] edu
Gwen Ihnat289ihnat [at] crl [dot] edu
Yvonne Jefferson319jefferso [at] crl [dot] edu
Rosie Johnson322rjohnson [at] crl [dot] edu
Shirley Kelly322skelly [at] crl [dot] edu
Virginia Kerr265vkerr [at] crl [dot] edu
Toni Kibort348tkibort [at] crl [dot] edu
Darmon Lewis   dlewis [at] crl [dot] edu
Christine Matheis332cmatheis [at] crl [dot] edu
Teeaye Nettles 321tnettles [at] crl [dot] edu
Prasad Pamidimukkala346prasad [at] crl [dot] edu
Yoseline Pluviose-Louisma340ylouisma [at] crl [dot] edu
Bernard F. Reilly334breilly [at] crl [dot] edu
Steve Rokusek 339srokusek [at] crl [dot] edu
Diane Ryan266dryan [at] crl [dot] edu
Raymond Sallay350rsallay [at] crl [dot] edu
Lisa Sawyers329lsawyers [at] crl [dot] edu
James Simon324jsimon [at] crl [dot] edu
Margaret Stigler345mstigler [at] crl [dot] edu
Lakesha Threatt344lthreatt [at] crl [dot] edu
Sarah Van Deusen Phillips333svandeusen [at] crl [dot] edu
Marie Waltz267waltz [at] crl [dot] edu
Vanessa Weatherspoon325vweatherspoon [at] crl [dot] edu
Mary Wilke351mwilke [at] crl [dot] edu
Kevin Wilks314kwilks [at] crl [dot] edu
Amy Wood
327awood [at] crl [dot] edu
Patricia Xia
341pxia [at] crl [dot] edu

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