Vote for Purchase of Collections

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Mary Wilke -

CRL's Shared Purchase Program is a cooperative effort to acquire costly major collections and printed sets not included in the CRL Purchase Proposal Program. Any CRL library can pledge funds toward the purchase of any item on the Shared Purchase ballots in this voluntary program. Ballot information has been sent to your institution’s contact for this program. Ballots must be submitted by Thursday, March 25.

For more information on the Shared Purchase Program, please contact Mary Wilke, CRL Member Liaison and Outreach Coordinator, or visit

This year the following four collections are listed on  the Shared Purchase ballots:

Comintern Archives: Files of the Communist Party of Japan.

132 reels, $25,080
Subjects: Chinese Japan, Communism
Notes: 1919-1941
Background: The files of the Communist Party of Japan (CPJ) include extensive documentation on the relations between the Soviet Communist Party and its counterparts in Japan, the Far East, Europe, and America. The collection contains the proceedings of CPJ conferences, correspondence between the leaders of the CPJ and the ECCI in Moscow, and its Shanghai- and Vladivostok-based bureau materials about the labor history of Japan trade unions and youth organizations and many rare periodicals and newspapers from Japan and the USA.
Nominator’s Comments: This specialized research material would serve scholars working on the history of modern Asia, especially on communism and colonialism.
CRL’s Comments: This would complement CRL's holdings of other files from the Comintern Archive.
The seed money total (nominating library and CRL contribution to seed the pot) would equal $10,500 toward the final price for this.

Islam-Fiche: Readings from Islamic Primary Sources (Series I-II).

IDC Publishers
208 fiche, $3,328
Subjects: Pre-Islamic poetry, theology, philosophy, and science of the pre-modern empires.
Notes: Pre-Islamic to recent times
Background: Collection of selected reading texts carefully chosen from published and unpublished sources to reflect the chronological geographical and linguistic diversity of Islamic studies.
Nominator’s Comments: This collection would support the growing Islamic and Arabic program at the University of Oregon.
The seed money total (nominating library and CRL contribution to seed the pot) would equal $2,000 toward the final price for this.

Nihon shokuminchi kyoiku seisaku shiryo shusei: Chosenhen Collection of Japanese Colonial Documents on Education Policy: Korea.

Ryukei shosha
75 volumes, 1,632,756 Japanese Yen; $18,245  USD Dependent on exchange rate.
Subjects: Asian Studies Japanese Studies and Korean Studies History specifically colonialism Linguistics
Notes: 1910-45
Background: A collection of original documents relating to education policy in Korea during the colonial period 1910-45. These materials are difficult to access in North America and even hard to find in Japan. The collection includes documents on educational facilities, textbooks, compilation statistics on education, local education magazines, as well as confidential reports written by the education management bureau of the Japanese Government-General.
Nominator’s Comments: A valuable collection of source material for understanding the cultural and social-political situation of Korea under Japanese colonial rule, Japanese colonial policies and frictions not only between the Japanese colonizers and the colonized Koreans but also between the Japanese Government-General and Japanese intellectuals.
Currently held by only four North American CRL member libraries, acquisition by CRL would greatly facilitate access to this important set.
The seed money total (nominating library and CRL contribution to seed the pot) would equal $5,825 toward the final price for this.

Women in the Netherlands East Indies Pt. 2

Moran Micropublications
Part 2: 803 microfiches, Euros 5,910 or $8,045 USD
Dependent upon exchange rate
Subjects: Women -- Indonesia -- History -- 20th century; Family life education -- Indonesia -- History -- 20th century
Notes: Part 2: 1912-1960
Background: Scope note for Part 2 as per WorldCat:
Language: Dutch; Documents in Dutch; accompanying guide in English and Dutch.
Abstract: The Kartini Fund, established in 1913, was a privately administered foundation to realize the goal of Raden Adjeng Kartini (1879-1904) to provide Dutch-language secondary education to Javanese girls. The archive contains correspondence, reports, statutes, minutes of meetings, financial documents, teaching materials, photos, brochures, periodicals, press clippings, and other types of documentation concerning the founding and administration of the Kartini schools in general and the individual schools in Java.
Nominator’s Comments: This is a well-documented, unique scholarly microform collection of primary source for women’s studies in Indonesia and the Netherlands in the 20th century that CRL should consider to provide access to those member libraries that cannot afford it respectively.
CRL’s Comments: Part 1 of this set has been ordered with the Demand Purchase Program for Archives. Part 2 would complete the set.
The seed money total (nominating library and CRL contribution to seed the pot) would equal $4,000 toward the final price for this.