Retrospective Collections from South and Southeast Asia Cataloged

Thursday, March 3, 2011
James Simon -

The Center for Research Libraries has completed a major retrospective cataloging project to make available records for the South Asian and Southeast Asian microfiche in CRL’s collection. Records are now available in CRL’s catalog and in WorldCat.

Since 1980, CRL has acquired near-comprehensive sets of microfiche produced by the Library of Congress field offices in Jakarta, Indonesia, and New Delhi, India. These materials represent unique resources frequently not otherwise available due to their fragility, short supply, or voluminous or scattered nature. All serial, monograph, and collection titles were acquired by CRL except when unavailable due to copyright restrictions. With the completion of cataloging in February 2011, CRL’s collection includes 31,870 titles acquired through this program.

Content includes both recent and retrospective collections of monographs, serials, and pamphlet publications. Ephemeral publications were frequently assembled in thematic sets and filmed together (examples of sets include “AIDS in South Asia” and “Human Rights in Sri Lanka”). Individual pamphlet titles within sets can be found through the pamphlet database provided by the Library of Congress New Delhi office.

Titles from South Asia originate primarily from India, with additional content from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The Southeast Asia program preserved content from Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and other countries. Burma was frequently included in both programs, depending on the time period of the publications.

South Asian microfiche were acquired cooperatively with the South Asia Microform Project (SAMP). Due to service changes at the Library of Congress, CRL currently receives only sporadic shipments of microfiche from LC.

To access these resources, please consult CRL’s online catalog.

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