New Nineteenth Century Collections Online Offer

Monday, March 12, 2012
Virginia Kerr -

CRL has negotiated highly favorable and unprecedented terms for CRL library purchase of the first four collection modules of the Gale Cengage database Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO). CRL’s offer extends to members of all consortia whose membership overlaps with CRL’s. CRL has taken the lead in negotiations with Gale because this particular database falls within the scope of the collection interests of CRL and its constituent libraries. The latest terms of the offer are now available to CRL members and collaborating consortia. The deadline for contractual commitment with Gale is June 15, 2012. Those that choose to commit should notify both their Gale representative and CRL (Mary Wilke) in advance of this date.

Gale Cengage anticipates that NCCO will be an extensive database with multiple content types, covering most regions of the world, and will be developed in a rolling release over several years. The release of the first four collection modules is scheduled for spring 2012. More information about NCCO is available in CRL's Global Resources Forum review. A brief analysis of the overlap between NCCO content and microform collections (including CRL microform holdings) is provided in the appendix of the review.

CRL recently held two conference calls so that members could discuss and evaluate the terms of an initial offer and identify further questions about the planned content and platform of this extensive project. These calls were useful to our analysis and strengthened CRL’s negotiations of the proposed terms of purchase.