Legislative Journals For 30 States Digitized

State legislative journals currently available through LLMC-Digital

Thursday, April 2, 2015
Judy Alspach - jalspach@crl.edu

Through a long-running joint effort by LLMC and CRL, the rich trove of state legislative journals held by CRL is undergoing digitization and archiving. To date, 30 states have been completed, with six additional states in the pipeline. CRL has posted a list of journals completed to date on the Global Resources Law Partnership page. Access to the content is available for all CRL libraries on the LLMC-Digital platform.

State government legislative materials are useful sources for the study of state history, governance, and policy. Reporting on the daily action of the house and senate assemblies, the texts document a wide array of proceedings, resolutions and introduced bills, votes and roll calls, and other legislative matters. Though distinct from legislative debate transcripts or document series, state legislative journals may contain a wealth of additional content submitted to the assemblies, such as texts of governors’ addresses, committee reports, official papers, and other material.

CRL’s intent is to make its full collection of state legislative journals accessible through LLMC-Digital. This collection adds to the 3,000 volumes of Canadian legislative serials from CRL's collections scanned in 2012, as well as a wide variety of foreign legal and government publications targeted by the partnership.


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