eDesiderata Provides New Licensing Support

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Bernie Reilly - breilly@crl.edu

CRL now has a new platform for tracking the status of e-resources under consideration for member licensing. eDesiderata offers a place for sharing information and opinions about e-resources, including content, quality, and terms of purchase or subscription.

eDesiderata reflects the specialized nature of the CRL licensing program, which focuses on databases that mirror longstanding CRL collecting strengths. All licensing offers and database reviews previously accessible through CRL’s website now live on the eDesiderata platform.

Through a secure, universal login, CRL members can access reviews of an extensive array of scholarly e-resources, searchable by publisher or distributor, subjects, and licensing status, and learn the status of publisher offers and member levels of interest. We encourage you to explore the new platform and let us know how we can further improve eDesiderata.