CRL and Linda Hall Issue Joint Collection Policies

Chart demonstrating distribution of collection emphasis for CRL-LHL

Monday, April 6, 2015
Judy Alspach -

CRL and the Linda Hall Library have agreed upon and adopted a set of policies and guidelines to advise and steer collection development priorities by the two organizations in the years ahead, further solidifying and formalizing the Global Resources STE Partnership

Developed by CRL Senior Advisor Stephen Bosch (University of Arizona), in consultation with the Global Resources STE steering committee, the collection development and management policies are  based upon a detailed collections assessment conducted in 2013. That assessment identified strengths of the combined CRL/LHL collections, based on the fields and languages of serial holdings.The areas of strength—principally in Chemistry, Engineering, and the Physical Sciences—will be the highest priority for continued development of shared holdings.

The policies commit to maintaining active subscriptions and (depending on available resources) adding new titles to enhance the collections. Serials will continue to be the primary focus of the partnership, while monographs and other documentation supporting the journal collection will be considered to a lesser extent.

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