Center Unveils New Online Catalog

Monday, September 26, 2005

The Center for Research Libraries has unveiled a new online catalog, allowing researchers additional functionality in searching and displaying the more than one million records in the catalog. The added functionality includes two new search types: a dedicated newspaper search and a combined author and title search.

Newspaper Search

The newspaper search feature enables patrons to search all newspapers held by the Center by geographic area. Using a list provided in a drop-down box, patrons can search for foreign newspapers by country or for domestic newspapers by U.S. state.

Author/Title Search

The author/title search allows patrons to find materials when they know the author’s name, but do not know the exact title. It is also useful when searching for titles by an author who has produced many works.

Basic author, title, subject, keyword, and numeric searches, as well as advanced keyword searching, remain the same.

In addition to new searching functionality, the updated catalog includes the following features:

  • Basic keyword search results show a relevancy ranking next to each title retrieved.
  • Advanced keyword searching enables patrons to sort records by relevancy, title, or date of publication.
  • When multiple titles are retrieved, the default display includes a brief citation display, which includes title, uniform title (if applicable), author, imprint, and physical description of the work.