CAMP Preserves Somali Newspapers

Wargeyska Dadka issue from May 29, 2000

Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Judy Alspach -

The Cooperative Africana Materials Project (CAMP) recently preserved several newspapers from Somalia and Somaliland collected by the Library of Congress Field Office in Nairobi. Issues of the twenty titles span the years 1998–2012. 

This microfilming supplements previous preservation efforts of Somali newspapers by the Library of Congress.  Many Somali newspapers from the 1990s were preserved on microfiche in the "Somalia Newspapers: Post-Barre Period" series (Part I, Part II owned by CAMP). Due to budget cuts, the Library of Congress is not able to fund the preservation of all of the material it collects, and CAMP has stepped in to microfilm these and other African newspapers for current and future researchers.

Recently microfilmed titles include:

The Impact of CRL

Stories illustrating CRL’s impact on research, teaching, collection building and preservation.

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Students of Professor Davis Houck at Florida State University consulted CRL resources to examine media bias covering the death of civil-rights icon Emmett Till.

Afghan Documentation Spans Tumultuous Century

Daily newspapers and cultural journals collected by LC's Field Office in Islamabad have been preserved through the efforts of MEMP and SAMP.