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SEEMP Acquires Russian Newspaper Zapoliar'e

Aug 19 2014
Contact: Judy Alspach - jalspach [at] crl [dot] edu

Oct 21, 1976 issue of Zapoliar'e
Oct 21, 1976 issue of Zapoliar'e

The Slavic and East European Materials Project (SEEMP) has acquired the Russian newspaper Zapoliar'e (Заполярье) on microfilm for the years 1971–90. This extensive run of holdings is now available to scholars at CRL libraries.

Zapoliar'e  is a local weekly published in Vorkuta (Komi Republic), Russia, one of the largest cities built above the Arctic Circle. It began publication in 1952 as the official organ of the city’s Communist Party. During the Soviet period, Vorkuta was one of the biggest coal-mining centers in Europe. It was also the site of one of the largest forced labor camps (Gulags) in European Russia. In addition to party propaganda and local party news, Zapoliar'e documented the growth of this industrial center and its citizens. Stories include coverage of mining strikes, tensions surrounding integration of ex-prisoners into society, and transition from a Gulag center to a “free” city.

In 2011, SEEMP acquired the earlier years of this title (1952–1970), making SEEMP's holdings the most complete collection of this title in North America.

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