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Find CRL Staff at 2014 Midwinter

Jan 16 2014

Find CRL Staff at 2014 Midwinter

Some key CRL staff members will attend ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia (January 24–28) to report on and gather input for CRL programs. To schedule a time to meet with one of our team, please e-mail the appropriate contact below:

  • James T. Simon
    jsimon [at] crl [dot] edu
    Director of International Resources
  • Christine Stamison
    cstamison [at] crl [dot] edu
    Director, NERL
  • Marie Waltz
    mwaltz [at] crl [dot] edu
    Special Projects Manager
  • Mary I. Wilke
    mwilke [at] crl [dot] edu
    Member Liaison & Outreach Services Director
  • Kevin Wilks
    kwilks [at] crl [dot] edu
    Head, Access Services
  • Amy Wood
    awood [at] crl [dot] edu
    Director, Technical Services

The Print Archive Network (PAN) meeting on Friday, January 24, from 9 a.m. to noon, is open to anyone with an interest in print archiving.


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