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CRL Collection Brochure

The depth and diversity of CRL’s primary source materials and highly developed collections are showcased in CRL’s content-rich, double-fold collection brochure. The brochures are designed to help CRL libraries spread the word about CRL collections among library staff, research and teaching faculty, students, and others. Brochures are available in quantity at no cost to CRL libraries through ddyer [at] crl [dot] edu (Don Dyer).


CRL Flyer

Available as a PDF file, CRL’s one-page flyer (which can be customized to individual CRL libraries on request) is designed as a photocopy-ready handout for mass distribution through the library, at seminars, faculty and student orientations, mailbox distribution, and other opportunities.

The flyer highlights the benefits and privileges that researchers appreciate most:

  • Unlimited access to CRL resources
  • Project-length loan periods
  • Third-day delivery on the vast majority of interlibrary loans
  • Demand Purchase Program
  • CRL’s diverse and highly developed collections

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