Global Membership

Global memberships are designed for institutions located outside of North America and include an annual membership fee determined by the CRL Board of Directors, currently set at $13,000 (US$).

Access to Resources

Global members have access to:

  • CRL’s collection of 3.5 million microform resources. (For additional information visit the Microform Collections Index)
  • Journal, monograph, and other items available through electronic document delivery. (Paper-based and other hard-copy materials are not available for interlibrary loan.)

Global members pay all shipping costs. Shipping fees include a small insurance surcharge to cover replacement costs for items lost en route.

Support Programs and Services

  • Eligible to nominate materials for the Purchase Proposal Program - an annual, ballot-based, acquisition program that acquires high-demand collections and scholarly resources.
  • Participation in the Shared Purchase Program -  a cooperative acquisition program based on buyer groups.
  • Participation in the Demand Purchase Program - enables patrons at CRL libraries to request purchases up to $2,000 annually in three areas: foreign dissertations, newspapers, and archival material.
  • Eligible to load CRL catalog records at no charge
  • Program and service orientations available for library staff
  • Individualized resource searches available through CRL’s User Services Liaison
  • Web consultations to optimize user access to the CRL catalog

Step-by-step instructions for enrolling as a Global Member. To learn more, contact Don Dyer.