Infrastructure for Shared Print Collections

The Center for Research Libraries will work with OCLC on a two year grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to  make accessible actionable data for shared print serials management. The plan will build on the underlying infrastructure of the OCLC WorldCat database and CRL’s Print Archives Preservation Registry (PAPR), enabling registration of print serial retention commitments in WorldCat while supporting further development of CRL's capability to collect and manage serial holdings data in PAPR. This initiative will accomodate new content and processses for archiving print serials.

Community Input

A vital element of this effort is feedback from all interested parties. Please use this survey form to ask questions and comment on the project.

News and Information

Charleston Meeting 11/5/2018
OCLC Slides || Notes

CRL webinar to provide more information on the project, July 31, 2018. 
Webex Recording || Slides 

OCLC Press Release, June 24, 2018 

OCLC Shared Print Strategy webpage