AEC Series

To potential donors

TRAIL needs your help to collect materials and complete Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) series currently in processing. We are asking for donations of materials that we don’t yet have, which are items that are not listed in the spreadsheets linked below.

If your institution has items that are in a series listed below and are not in the inventory spreadsheet, we would be interested in acquiring them for destructive digitization.  If needed items are bound with unneeded items, we may also accept the bound pieces. At this time we are able to accept only original paper copies of reports.

If the items your institution holds are in series that are not in this list, TRAIL will need to review that series to determine if it is one that we will be digitizing. 

Some general information about AEC (and related) series decisions can be found on the Series List.


Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and precursors

Most series will be digitized as paper copies become available. While we are aware that there are a multitude of microcards or microfiche publications within each AEC series, our primary focus, at this time, is to scan the print publications. We intend to complete the scanning of all known paper publications in each AEC series. 

Materials have been provided by Princeton University, Cleveland Public Library and the University of Arizona.

Contact for these series:
Patricia Kirkwood (pkirkwo at, Coordinator of the TRAIL Collections Working Group, University of Arkansas

Current collections in processing:


Some of the smaller series have partial collections available at the TRAIL pilot site.  Some are from the Technical Information Service Extension or Division of Technical Information.  Several sub-series, including items form the Lovelace Foundation for Medical Education and Research are available at the TRAIL Search Interface.