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The Global Resources Forum provides webcasts, teleconferences, and in-person meetings for CRL libraries, to support informed local collection decisions.

Collection Webinars

Offered several times per year, these focus on current collecting and research interests. Summaries of significant CRL holdings are paired with assessments of trends in digital collections, often provided by scholars or librarians from CRL libraries. The webinars are accompanied by Topic Guides, and in some cases, analyses of repository sources. Slide presentations and audio recordings are posted.

Recent webinars include:

Medieval Resources (March 2011)

Middle East and Islamic Resources (August 2011)

Research Access to Sources on Law and Government (October 2012)

Text Mining: Opportunities and Challenges (November 2012)


These informal discussions are offered occasionally by invitation for interested members of the CRL community. They are opportunities for off- the- record, small-group discussions on topics and issues relating to collection building and maintenance and investment in major electronic resources. They also provide venues for member input to inform CRL’s programs and agenda.

Teleconferences are limited to 40 participants. Recent timely topics include the current status of major print archiving initiatives, newly announced major database releases and vendor initiatives, and assessments of digital archiving services.  

Global Resources Roundtables

Global Resources Roundtables (previously Global Resources Forums) explore the challenges of preserving and ensuring access to primary sources and documentary evidence, particularly in electronic format, needed to support advanced research in fields of international importance.

These events draw librarians and scholars as well as publishers/producers. They examine how source materials are produced and used today, and how this will impact new lines of inquiry and research. They map strategies, policies and practices by which libraries, archives, and other repositories can accommodate the current realities of collecting in various fields.

Past topics include:

2013 - Beyond the Fold: Access to News in the Digital Era

2010 - Global Water - 2010 and Beyond

2009 - Access to Academic Theses and Dissertations, Navigating a Changing Landscape; and News: Paper, Film and Digital

2008 - On the Record: A Global Resources Forum on Electronic Media and the Preservation of News

2007 - Human Rights Archives and Documentation: Meeting the Needs of Research, Teaching, Advocacy, and Social Justice

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