New Material Received at CRL (Aug. - Oct. 2002)

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1930 Census Purchase

Fifteenth Census of the United States (U.S. National Archives, T626). Based on members’ preferences, the following states (and Soundex, when available) were purchased in FY02. (CRL will eventually purchase the remaining states.)
In addition, in response to a request from the New York Public Library, additional finding aids in microfilm were purchased. (1,547 reels total purchased)

  • California (rolls 100-228) (OCLC #49857259);
  • Florida (rolls 306-335) (OCLC #49794390);
  • Georgia (rolls 336-394) (OCLC #49650939);
  • Illinois (rolls 405-573) (OCLC #49861459);
  • Massachusetts (rolls 883-971) (OCLC #49863175);
  • New York (rolls 1401-1670—no reel #1602) (OCLC #49589010);
  • Ohio (rolls 1746-1891) (OCLC #50150300);
  • Texas (rolls 2287-2413) (OCLC #50933447);
  • Virginia (rolls 2433-2483) (OCLC #49605912).

Soundex reels purchased

  • Florida (M2051, rolls 1-98) (OCLC #49794391);
  • Georgia (M2052, rolls 1-253) (OCLC #50067963);
  • Virginia (M2059 rolls 1-127) (OCLC #49792209).

Because so few of the states have accompanying Soundex reels, CRL has completed its holdings of the following microfilm finding aids:

  • Index to Selected City Streets and Enumeration Districts, 1930 Census (M1930) (OCLC #49866945);
  • Enumeration District Maps for the Fifteenth Census of the United States. 1930 (M1931) (OCLC #49422087);
  • Descriptions of Enumeration Districts, 1830-1950 (T1224) (OCLC #13890618).


Doctoral Dissertations titles in all formats received as a result of demand purchase, exchange, and deposit: 2,982.

Area Studies Microforms - Africana (through CAMP)

  • Annual meeting papers / African Studies Association. Atlanta, GA 1987, 1995-1997. 8 reels (OCLC #31215977)
  • South Africa. Commission of Inquiry into the press. First portion of the report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Press [Pretoria? : s.n., 1964]. Contains First portion of the Report... as well as Annexures I - XXI of the report. 4 reels. (OCLC #50950557)
  • Dubow, Saul. Segregation and native administration in South Africa, 1920-1936. Thesis (doctoral) - University of Oxford, 1986. 1 reel.(OCLC #50946204)
  • The Bolshevist (Cape Town: Industrial Socialist League of South Africa), [1919-1921]. [v.1, no. 1 - v. 2, no. 6] ; 1 reel. (OCLC #50946236)

General Archives in Microform (Through the Demand Purchase Program)

  • Compiled service records of Confederate soldiers who served in organizations from the state of Texas. (U.S. National Archives. M323) Reel 165. 1 reel.(OCLC #16703503)
  • United States. Consulate (Melbourne, Australia). Despatches from United States consuls in Melbourne, 1852-1906 (U.S. National Archives.T102) Reels 1-16. 16 reels. (OCLC # 24819123)
  • General correspondence before 1900 Venezuela 1835-1905. Public Record Office. FO 80/367 1 reel.
  • Indian census rolls, 1885-1940 (U.S. National Archives.M595) Reel 450-451. 2 reels.(OCLC # 21415707)
  • Nonpopulation census schedules for Pennsylvania, 1870 and 1880. Industry and manufacturing. Compiled by Claire Prechtel-Kluskens. (U.S. National Archives. M1796) 9 reels. (OCLC # 44001784)

Newspapers in Microform (Purchased through the Demand Purchase Prgram)

  • Russkaia zhizn (San Francisco, Calif.)
    Apr. 28, 1937-1941, 1988-2001 (1998 on back order) 21 reels. (OCLC #17268119)

Other Microforms Recently Received (Through the Purchase Proposal Program)

  • Bibliothek der Frauenfrage in Deutschland, Parts 1-6 (Erlangen:Fischer, 1998-)
    14,867 microfiches + printed guide. (IDC Dist.) (OCLC #43612778)

This microfiche edition (estimated 12 parts in total) will include some 7,000 titles incorporating nearly all of the titles compiled by Sveistrup and von Zahn-Harnack in their 1933 bibliography. Material that appeared before 1790 makes it possible to make a whole collection of pieces of the learned literature of the women’s and gender issues from the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries—which are extremely rare—once more easily accessible. The Bibliothek will specifically include monographs, miscellanies, and parts of periodicals which can no longer be accurately placed in their order of appearance. Thus this edition is designed to complement the set Historical Sources of Women’s Liberation Movement and Gender Issues. (from the publisher’s description)