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The African Training and Research Centre for Women (Centre Africain de Recherche et de Formation pour les Femmes) was created in 1975 by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA). The program was designed to aid and encourage member states of the ECA to promote greater involvement of women, particularly rural and poor urban women, in development activities. The Centre pursued its objectives through three key strategies: improving skills among ECA women; increasing the quantity and quality of opportunities available to them; and conducting research on African women.

A vast collection of materials pertaining to the African Training and Research Centre were collected and preserved by the Cooperative Africana Microform Project (CAMP) and are available through CRL. A guide to the collection is available.

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Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance Archives

One of the oldest lesbian feminist organizations in America, the Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance was founded in 1972. The organization has preserved archives of feminist, activist, and lesbian periodicals. The following are examples of holdings available through CRL:

Bibliothek der Frauenfrage in Deutschland

With more than 6,000 titles, the Bibliothek der Frauenfrage in Deutschland (BFD) provides a record of the German-language literature on women's issues and the women's movement over nearly 150 years (1790-1930). The foundation for the microfiche compilation is the Die Frauenfrage in Deutschland bibliography, published by Hans Sveistrup and Agnes von Zahn-Harnack in 1934. The bibliography was a highly collaborative work, begun by members of the German Women's Academic Society, who were joined and supported by other women's organizations, including the union of German women's societies and the Women's Trade Union.

The original sources were books, pamphlets, and newspapers collected by the women's groups for their libraries to both facilitate and document their organizations' work. Over the decades, generally for financial reasons, these libraries could not be sustained. Occasionally university research libraries accepted items from these libraries, but the materials were not considered research materials, so no systematic collecting of resources in this area was done. The resources in the set encompass the entire range of political, social, and psychological issues concerning women, including subjects such as nutrition, education, childbirth, child care, women's health, and employment.

Under CRL's Shared Purchase Program, the University of Iowa initiated formation of a buying group to enable CRL to acquire the set. Each document in the set received separate cataloging, with subject headings, in CRL's catalog.

Records for the set are available to member libraries for loading into their catalogs.

Women in Latin America: Princeton University Latin American Pamphlet Collection

Through CRL's Purchase Proposal Program, CRL members voted to acquire a large collection of pamphlets and other ephemeral materials on Latin America collected at Princeton University, which had worked with Scholarly Resources, Inc. to microfilm them. The collection includes pamphlets, periodicals, interviews, and other ephemera that report on political and social conditions and issues in Latin American countries. The collection features publications by and about women from countries of Argentina, Brazil, Chile (1975-94), Cuba (1923-85), Ecuador (1983-88), Mexico (1938-1992), Nicaragua (1983-1986), Peru, and Uruguay (1986-90).

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The editors thank Dr. Jacquelyn Litt, Director, Women's and Gender Studies and Associate Professor of Sociology, and Ms. June DeWeese, Librarian and Adjunct Professor of Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Missouri-Columbia, for their assistance in developing this issue.