Recent Acquisition

Besides the newspapers CRL receives on standing order every year, CRL has acquired more than 150 news related items in recent years using a variety of collaborative collection programs. The items range from a one month run of a specific title to more than a decade run of a title with its successive names, to a set of newspaper clippings on a specific topic. The following list highlights some of the larger acquisitions CRL has made. Please keep in mind these acquisitions often add to our previous holdings of a title and thus may not denote the full extent of CRLs holdings for a title.

  • The Daily Bee (Sacramento, CA) [1883 to 1888]. This run was acquired for a researcher at a member institution through the Demand Purchase Program.
  • Delhi Gazette (Delhi, India : 1832) [18861889]. This title was acquired through CRLs Demand Purchase Program and complements the longer run of this title acquired through the South Asia Microform Project (SAMP).
  • Deutsche Zukunft (Berlin, Germany) [19331940]. This title was acquired for circulation as the original hard copy held by CRL was too brittle to loan.
  • The Evening Bee [1900April 1907] and The Sacramento Bee [May 1907Feb. 1919] These two titles were acquired through the Shared Purchase Program with the cost being shared by a number of member libraries along with funds from CRL.
  • Illustrirte Zeitung [18431944]. This title was acquired through the Shared Purchase Program and provides a complete run of a brittle title which was incompletely held by member libraries. Modeled on the Illustrated London News, Illustrirte Zeitung is a nearly inexhaustible resource for the study of German culture.
  • Manchester Evening News [19171921]. Portions of this title were acquired through both the Purchase Proposal Program and the Demand Purchase Program for research being done on World War I.
  • Poona Observer and Civil & Military Journal [18761906]. This title was not previously held in the United States before its acquisition through the Shared Purchase Program. It covers a critical period in Indias history and is of interest to researchers studying post Sepoy Mutiny up to Pre World War I thinking in British India.

Revolutionary Mexico in Newspapers [1900–1929]

This set was acquired through the Purchase Proposal Program and is of interest to scholars investigating Mexican political movements, economics, film, and literature. The collection offers valuable coverage of the pivotal decade of the Mexican Revolution as documented both in Mexico City and in other Mexican cities. Link to the collection at

Recent Acquisitions of the Area Studies Microform Projects

The Area Studies Microform Projects (AMPs) pursue newspapers as one of the priorities of their preservation and collection activities. The following highlights demonstrate some of the current receipts of the AMPs:

Cooperative Africana Microform Project

  • Berhanena Salam [1925-1935]. One of the earliest Amharic newspapers published in Ethiopia, this title was commissioned from holdings at the British Library.
  • Liberian Newspapers [1991-1996]. CAMP has filmed several current newspapers from Monrovia documenting the upheaval and unrest during Liberia's civil wars. Titles include First National Poll, The Inquirer, and many others.
  • The Monitor (Kampala, Uganda) [Dec.1995-Aug.2003]. This title is a national independent daily in Uganda. It is an important title as a contrast to state-owned papers such as the New Vision, and is frequently critical of the government of Uganda.

Latin American Microform Project

  • Independent Mexico in Newspapers, the 19th-century. As a complementary collection to “Revolutionary Mexico . . . ,” this set contains 579 Mexican newspaper titles which date from 1807 to 1900. They document Mexico's evolution from its status as a viceroyalty of the Spanish Crown to its transition to a federalist system of government. CRL holds 284 microfilm reels.
  • The Standard (Buenos Aires, Argentina) [1861-1874; 1938-1939; 1942-1959]. The Standard was the major English-language daily in Argentina. LAMP worked with the Universidad de San Andres in Buenos Aires to film its holdings.
  • Correio Paulistano (Sao Paulo, Brazil) [19291963]. This project in progress will film this important newspaper of São Paulo, an excellent source for those researching the ideology of the elites and the daily life and behavior of the poorest populations and slaves. CRL holds 178 microfilm reels.

Middle East Microform Project

  • Barid al-Janub (London, England) [1995-2001]. Published in London, this opposition paper documents the Iraqi community in exile through the events of 2001.
  • Al-Sahwah (Sana'a, Yemen) [1985-2001]. Another opposition paper, this title is the organ of the Tajammu’ al-Yamani lil-Islah (Yemeni Alliance for Reform), an Islamic party from Yemen.
  • Al-Samir (Brooklyn, New York) [1936-1957]. Al-Samir was one of the longest-running Arabic newspapers in the United States. It was edited by the Lebanese writer, journalist, and poet Elia Daher Abu Madi (1889-1957). The newspaper contains news and articles concerning the Arabic community in America along with international news. All of the editorials were written by Abu Madi.
  • Link to Arab-American newspapers, Focus issue on Middle East Studies (Spring 2004)

South Asia Microform Project

  • Nepali Newspapers from the Madan Puraskar Pustakalya. SAMP has been collaborating with the MPP in Kathmandu, Nepal, to duplicate holdings of important Nepali-language newspapers and journals. These materials were originally preserved in Nepal, but never distributed. They include important newspapers, such as Nepala Samacara, a news journal originally produced as a means to get around the ban on publishing daily newspapers.

Southeast Asia Microform Project

  • Indonesian Political Tabloids Microfilm Collection. Following Suharto's downfall in 1998, Indonesia's press experienced newfound freedom. The world witnessed an explosion of newspapers and journals in Jakarta and provincial cities that expressed every political and social perspective. This collection of 340 newspapers, tabloids, and journals are a sample of the serials that chronicle the events leading to the June 1999 elections and beyond. CRL holds 41 microfilm reels. Search by title at
  • Newspapers from the National Library of Vietnam. SEAM's ongoing collaboration with the National Library is producing a large set of material available for scholars. The titles being preserved cover a wide period from 1919 to 1973. A complete list is available through SEAM's Web site.
  • Vietnam Press (Saigon, Vietnam) [1963-1969]. This title was issued in English, French, and Vietnamese and was a daily record of events in Vietnam during the 1950-1970s. SEAM has supported the filming of this title to fill in gaps of previous film of the English edition and to preserve the Vietnamese edition, Viet Nam Thong Tan Xa. CRL holdings of this title may be viewed at

Slavic and East European Microform Project

  • Russian Regional Newspapers. SEEMP continues to commission film of important titles representing the widespread regions and oblasts of Russia. Since 1991, SEEMP has been filming 16 newspaper titles from diverse regions in Russia, and an additional eight titles were added, beginning film in 2000. They include titles such as IAkutiia, Novaia Kamchatskaia Pravda, and Sovetskii Sakhalin.
  • Koha Jone (Tirana, Albania) [1996- 2003]. This title is the largest circulation daily published in Albania and is characterized as a leading independent title. SEEMP worked with East View Information Services to secure the rights to this title.
  • Pesti Hirlap (Budapest, Hungary) [1841-1847]. This title ("News of Pest") was founded in 1841 by Lajos Kossuth, a Hungarian patriot and statesman who strove for an independent Hungarian republic in the middle of the 19th century.