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CRL Programs and Services - CRL Staff News Autumn 2002
CRL Programs and Services - Aberdeen Woods Conference Autumn 2002
CRL Primary Source Awards for 2014 Spring 2014
CRL Primary Source Awards for 2013 Spring 2013
CRL Primary Source Awards Spring 2018
CRL Primary Source Awards Spring 2015
CRL Primary Source Awards Spring 2017
CRL Primary Source Awards Spring 2019
CRL Primary Source Awards Spring 2012
CRL Primary Source Awards Spring 2016
CRL Preservation Analysis of Electronic News Summer 2011
CRL Political Communications Web Archiving Study Spring 2003
CRL Obtains Haaretz Summer 2011
CRL Newspaper Licensing Summer 2011
CRL International Resources - University of Chicago, Yale, Other CRL Members Awarded Department of Education TICFIA Grants, 2002-2005 Autumn 2002
CRL International Resources - CAMP/Title VI African Archives Projects, 1993 - Present Autumn 2002
CRL Hosts Aberdeen Woods Conference Winter 2002
CRL FY 2002 Financial Results Show Continuing Improvement Winter 2002
CRL Completes Cataloging of the Foreign Doctoral Dissertation Collection Summer 2008
CRL Collections: Late 20th Century Winter 2007-08
CRL Collections Supporting Research on Women’s Studies Summer 2006
CRL Collection resources: Political Communications and Mass Education in China in the Early Years of the People’s Republic Autumn 2002
CRL Cataloging and Metadata Update Winter 2002
CRL Awarded NEH Preservation Grant Winter 2002
CRL at ACRL and Website Update Spring 2003
CRL Annual Meeting To Be Held April 22 Spring 2003
CRL Annual Meeting Set for April 22, 2003 Winter 2002
Correspondence of Johann Caspar Lavater Microform Set and other Resources Acquired Fall 2003
Cooperative Collection Building for South Asian Resources: Diversifying the Collective Collection Fall 2015
Cooperative Archiving of Agricultural Collections Summer 2012
Cooperative Africana Microform Project: Forty Years of Collaboration and Scholarship Summer 2004
Completion of SEAM/Luce Vietnam Filming Project Winter 2009–10
Coming Soon: ICON International Newspapers Survey Summer 2003
Collections and Services Advisory Panel Summer 2005
Collection Spotlight: Fairy Tales at the University of Colorado, Boulder Spring 2009
Collection News: International Resources Summer 2005
CIFNAL’s Début Launching the Collaborative Initiative for French Language Collections Spring 2009
CIFNAL Partner Collaboration: Three case studies Spring 2009
CIFNAL Member Spotlight Spring 2009
Checking the Status of Dissertation Orders Spring 2003
Changing Patterns of Access Summer 2008
Center for South Asia Libraries Spring 2005
Cartographic Resources for the Study of Colonial South Asia at the Digital South Asia Library Fall 2007
Capturing America’s Scientific History through Technical Report Literature Fall 2010
Building Blocks of a National Print Preservation Network Fall 2004
Broadcast News Transcripts in Academic News Databases Fall 2014
Broadcast and Multimedia News Summer 2013
Born-digital Primary Sources for Area and International Studies: New Models and New Threats Winter 2019
Born Digital and Web-based News Summer 2013
Award for Teaching Spring 2011