Frequently Asked Questions

Record Loading

Yes CRL records can be included. All CRL records are updated in Worldcat. Members simply need to inform OCLC that they want to include CRL records in the implementation.
In June 2005, MARCIVE performed authority control and database maintenance on the entire database. Catalogers check all subject headings and added entries for records above minimal level when using copy records from OCLC. When feasible, catalogers create new records or upgrade existing records according to CONSER/BIBCO standards which require the authentication of subject headings.
The only problem reported by members who currently load records was that the diacritics did not show properly in their local catalogs. In every case, this was corrected by adding Arial Unicode MS font to the beginning of the font group in the style sheets.
CRL can customize the file size to member needs. One member loaded all of the records from four files of 300,000 plus records each and another member requested files no bigger than 50,000 and divided by format of material cataloged.
CRL has set up an FTP server from which members can pick up the files of records once they have been given the authorization to access the server.
Records can be in exported from CRL’s catalog in MARC8 or UTF8 depending on which format the member library needs. For updates, separate files of the same records are created in MARC8 and UTF8.
CRL will offer updates quarterly. The current schedule is the first week of January, April, July, and October. Updates include a file of records newly created, a file of records edited in the 3 months prior to the update and a list of bib record numbers for records deleted during that quarter.
As of 9/1/08 there were about 1.3 million records in the database.
CRL can provide subsets based on a variety of categories such as language, country, format, or CRL identified collection such as dissertations. Limiting to more than one category, such as German language dissertations is also possible or all digitized material except dissertations.

Harvard University and University of Florida have loaded all of CRL’s records. Brigham Young, Canisius, Claremont Colleges, Michigan State University, Queens University, University of Virginia, and University of Western Ontario have loaded eresource records. Grinnell College has loaded records for microforms sets.

CRL is not charging a fee for its records. We hope that including CRL’s records in your local databases will increase the visibility of CRL resources among your faculty and students and feel that it is an important service to provide to you.