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The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) and the Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology (LHL) have entered into a strategic partnership to preserve and develop historical research collections in the fields of science, technology, and engineering. CRL and LHL will combine resources to promote the visibility of these collections worldwide, and to make them available electronically and through traditional ILL and document delivery to researchers through CRL libraries in the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong.

CRL libraries will have access to the combined CRL and Linda Hall science, technology, and engineering (STE) print serials, which will be made available electronically through on-demand digitization and traditional document delivery through the RapidILL service. CRL members will receive the excellent 24 hour-turnaround service provided by RapidILL.

On July 1, 2012, Linda Hall began providing document delivery from the print serials to CRL libraries through the RapidILL document delivery service. Non-RapidILL users can begin a special training by RapidILL as of July 2012. All CRL member institutions should be able to request by December 1, 2012.

If you are a RapidILL user, you should place your request as normal. If you are a non-RapidILL user, you will place a request through your ILL management system (such as Clio, ILLiad, Relais, WCRS). A special pod will be created that will allow requesting as a CRL borrower only. The request will then go to LHL for filling, courtesy of CRL. If an institution does not have an ILL management system, RapidILL will provide a requesting venue to make requesting as seamless as possible. Training for non-RapidILL users is scheduled to begin July 2012.

There is absolutely no cost for CRL libraries’ use of this service. If the request is sent directly to LHL, your institution will be charged LHL’s regular fee.

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