Global Resources Roundtable: Beyond the Fold: Access to News in the Digital Era

Event Logistics

Thursday, June 27, 2013
9:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Newberry Library, Chicago
James Simon -

The digital era has profoundly altered the way news is produced and distributed, confounding traditional library strategies for ensuring the survival of this critical type of historical evidence. As mobile and web technologies become the primary channels for news distribution, and electronic databases supplant print and microfilm, the role that libraries play in supporting scholarly access to news is changing. In the digital environment, building and maintaining “collections of record” no longer ensures adequate and persistent access to news content for scholars.

On Thursday, June 27, in conjunction with the ALA Annual Meeting in Chicago, CRL held a Global Resources Roundtable, “Beyond the Fold: Access to News in the Digital Era.” The event provided an opportunity for collection development and subject specialists from CRL libraries to explore current publishing practices and new scholarly uses of news content, and to help formulate cooperative library strategies to support those uses.


9:009:45 a.m.

Keynote Presentation

  • Pioneers in Mining Electronic News for Research
    Kalev Leetaru, University Fellow, University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science

9:4510:15 a.m.


  • Use of Traditional News Databases in Libraries: Trends and Implications
    Debora Cheney, Larry and Ellen Foster Communications Librarian, Pennsylvania State University Libraries


10:30 a.m.12:00 p.m.

Session 1: Print

  • Legacy Collections in Major Research Libraries: Recent Developments
    James Simon, Director of International Resources, CRL
  • The ICON Database of Newspapers: New Tools for Collection Management
    Amy Wood, Head, Technical Services, CRL
  • Legal Deposit Considerations for the “Paper of Record” in the Post-print Era
    Bernie Reilly, President, CRL
  • Discussion and Commentary: A Plausible Strategy for Digitization and Archiving of Physical Collections

1:152:30 p.m.

Session 2: Broadcast

  • Comparative Analysis of Broadcast Coverage in LexisNexis, Factiva, Access World News, and Other Databases
    James Simon, CRL
  • Vanderbilt Television News Archive
    Connie Dowell, Dean of Libraries, Vanderbilt University
    Jody Combs, Associate Dean of Libraries, Vanderbilt University
  • UCLA’s Broadcast NewsScape
    Sharon Farb, Associate University Librarian for Collection Management and Scholarly Communication, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
    Todd Grappone, Associate University Librarian for Digital Initiatives & Information Technology, UCLA
  • Discussion: Prospects for Greater Leveraging, Supporting and Exploiting of Independent Broadcast Archiving Efforts

2:454:00 p.m.

Session 3: Web

  • Production and Distribution of Electronic News: Technology and Preservation Challenges
    Megan Bernal, Associate Director for Library Information & Discovery Systems, DePaul University
  • The “Chronicles in Preservation” Project and Born-digital Activities at University of North Texas
    Mark Phillips, Assistant Dean for Digital Libraries, University of North Texas
  • Migration of International News Content to the Web: Trends and Practices
    James Simon, CRL
  • Discussion: Strategies for Comprehensive Capture of Web News

4:004:30 p.m.

Outline of a Cooperative Agenda


Background Report:

Preserving News in the Digital Environment: Mapping the Newspaper Industry in Transition
This new report maps the “lifecycle” of news content and information published in newspapers and online. It provides an overview of news workflow and production systems, suggesting strategies for libraries to preserve news in electronic formats.

Outline for an Agenda for North American Libraries based on the report from the Center for Research Libraries "Preserving News in the Digital Environment."


The Impact of CRL

Stories illustrating CRL’s impact on research, teaching, collection building and preservation.

Unique Arab Diaspora Materials Saved for Future Scholars

In FY 2018 the Middle East Materials Project (MEMP) microfilmed Arab-language publications from several diaspora communities in non-Arab countries, including the UK, Japan, the U.S., and Poland. These resources continue to affirm MEMP’s role as a provider of rare and distinctive documentation for scholars.

CRL Supports Research on Biased News Coverage of Emmett Till

Students of Professor Davis Houck at Florida State University consulted CRL resources to examine media bias covering the death of civil-rights icon Emmett Till.