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Webinar: CRL Purchase and Licensing Programs

Date: Aug 15 2012
Time: 2:00-3:00 P.M. Central Time
Location: CRL
Event Contact: Mary Wilke - mwilke [at] crl [dot] edu

Webinar: CRL Purchase and Licensing Programs

CRL’s various cooperative collection programs identify valuable collections for acquisition and, increasingly, electronic access.

As a central component of its collection strategy, CRL supports cooperative purchase of major collections, such as the Central American Archives (right). As electronic resources have gained in importance, CRL has integrated electronic resource offers into its collection building programs. Examples of recent offers for major and specialized electronic databases include: Nineteenth Century Collections Online, Shen Bao Digital Archive, and Statista.

In this informative one-hour webinar, Member Liaison and Outreach Services Director mwilke [at] crl [dot] edu (Mary Wilke) and Digital Program Manager vkerr [at] crl [dot] edu (Virginia Kerr) explain how libraries can participate in CRL’s evolving programs, contribute to electronic resource reviews, and take advantage of electronic licensing and purchasing offers.

This event is free for librarians and researchers at CRL institutions. CRL presents webinars throughout the year.

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