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Webinars: The Future of Primary Sources

Date: Oct 5 2009 - Dec 9 2009
Event Contact: Don Dyer - ddyer [at] crl [dot] edu

A Series of Webinars for Researchers

The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) is engaged in a series of case studies, funded by the National Science Foundation, to examine the longevity of digital resources. To obtain scholarly input on these studies, CRL is hosting a series of brief (22.5 minute) online forums for researchers in the fields of history, social sciences, and chemistry. The forums will focus on three major types of research materials: electronic news, social science data, and chemical information.

Follow-Up Material

Please check back to this page for presentations from future webinars. After each section concludes, we will post a follow-up survey and the Powerpoint file used in the presentation.

The Historical Record in the Post-Newspaper Age

Political Science, Sociology, and Economics



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