Call for Papers

The second triennial conference on the cooperative development of scholarly collections and resources will be held November 8-10, 2002 at the Aberdeen Woods Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference is sponsored by the Center for Research Libraries, which operates North America’s premier cooperative collections development (CCD) program.

The conference purpose is to illuminate emerging issues in CCD and to recognize and publicize recent achievements and best practices in the field. The desired outcomes are strengthening cooperation among members of the research library community and providing greater focus for the Center for Research Libraries’ efforts to build scholarly collections and resources. The conference will be open to librarians, collection development officers, scholars, library and university administrators, and others who have a vested interest in the sharing and enrichment of the scholarly record.

Papers are invited on the following broad topics:

  • Best Practices in Cooperative Collection Development and Management
    Papers should examine and analyze recently initiated or in-progress cooperative projects and programs that are exemplary in some way. Presenters should analyze the factors and methodologies that make those projects successful. Speakers might also identify threats to successful cooperation in the collection development and management field and propose solutions. Conference organizers would like to include on the program at least one model project in the field of science and technology.
  • Measuring Results and Setting the Terms for Cooperative Programs
    Papers in this category might deal with either the criteria for measuring results in cooperative programs and projects, or with the contractual underpinnings of cooperative collecting activities. In addressing metrics, emphasis should be placed on assessing the net benefits of cooperative projects and programs, and presenters should illuminate specific ways of evaluating and weighting the various kinds of costs, benefits, and characteristics of such projects. On the contractual aspects of cooperative collection development presenters might analyze and evaluate various terms, commitments, and conditions that form the bases for cooperative partnerships, highlighting advisable practices and innovative approaches to risk reduction and distribution.
  • The Development of Digital Resources
    Papers should focus on recent experience with the cooperative acquisition of electronic resources, the development of new digital collections, and/or the archiving of electronic materials as scholarly resources. Presenters should focus on how these projects are transforming collections and practices and highlight the demonstrated tangible and quantifiable data and benefits. Emphasis should be on illuminating the economic and cultural dynamics of building collections of scholarly materials in this realm, rather on than the long-term preservation of these resources. Consideration will also be given to papers dealing with the economics and strategies of consortium licensing.

Papers should be timed to be no longer than 30 minutes in length. Those interested in presenting a paper should forward a statement of intent with a one-page abstract of their topic no later than February 15, 2002, to:

Jim Green
Center for Research Libraries
6050 S. Kenwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60637
Ph: (773) 955-4545 Ext. 350
Fax (773) 955-4339
Email: green at

All proposals will be peer reviewed. Speakers and approved topics for papers will be announced in April, 2002. Final texts for approved papers must be submitted by August 1, 2002, and will be made available to conference attendees one month prior to the conference. Selected papers and captured discussions will form the Conference Proceedings to be published electronically and in traditional format.