Abstracts and Papers for Presentation and Discussion

Invited Speakers (Abstracts)

Keynote Address: Cooperative Collection Development
Dr. Robert Martin, Director, Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)

Cooperation in Digital Library Development
by Daniel Greenstein, California Digital Library

The Uses and Abuses of Cooperation in a Digital Age
Ross Atkinson, Cornell University

International Information and the Post Modern Academy (Full text)
Dan Hazen, Harvard University

Submitted Papers (Full Text)

The Role of WorldCat in Resource Sharing
Anna Perrault, University of South Florida

Practical Cooperative Collection for Consortia: Books-Not-Bought in Ohio
Julia Gammon, University of Akron, and Michael Zeoli, YBP Library Services

Academic and Commercial Roles in Building “The Digital Library”
Mark Sandler, University of Michigan

The Creation of “Rural Sociology Online”
Rebecca Bichel, Bonnie MacEwen, Helen Smith, Penn State University

Risk and Cooperative Collection Development Projects
Bernard Reilly, Center for Research Libraries

The ARL/AAU Global Resources Program: A View from the Crossroads
Deborah Jakubs, Duke University

The Economics and Management of Digital Resources in a Multi-Campus, Multi-Library University:

Collection Management Strategies in a Digital Environment
Cecily Johns, University of California, Collection Management Initiative
The Shared Digital Collection
Beverlee French, California Digital Library
“A Campus Perspective”
Phyllis Mirsky, University of California–San Diego

Reports of Working Groups

Development of Cooperative Collection Development Best Practices
Cynthia Shelton, UCLA, Chair

Application of Cooperative Collection Development to Scientific and Technical Collections
Diane Perushek, University of Hawaii, Chair

Quantitative Evaluation Tools for Cooperative Collection Development
Stephen Bosch, University of Arizona, Chair

Mapping of Current Cooperative Collection Development Projects
John Haar, Vanderbilt University, Chair