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Aug 19 2010
Webinar: Collection-Building Programs
Learn how collections staff at CRL libraries help build the CRL shared collection through the Purchase Proposal Program; identify electronic resources for CRL licensing; and guide CRL’s digitization of primary source material. This event is free for librarians and researchers at CRL institutions.

Jul 14 2010
Webinar: CRL African Resources
CRL members discuss rare and significant African collections at this special subject Webinar.

Jun 25 2010
GRN Summit: Fair Dealing and Sustainable Management of Archives and Cultural Evidence
CRL convened a Global Resources Network summit on fair and sustainable models for providing access to regional archives and other cultural patrimony.

Jun 25 2010
PAN ALA Meeting June 2010
Print Archive Network Meeting hosted by CRL at ALA Annual Conference 2010

Jun 24 2010 - Jun 29 2010
American Library Association 2010 Annual Conference
Find CRL at this year’s ALA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

Apr 23 2010
61st Annual Council of Voting Members Meeting
The 61st Council of Voting Members Annual Meeting, was held as a Web conference on Friday, April 23, 2010.

Apr 14 2010
Webinar: Access and Collections
This general CRL Webinar is ideal for new library staff or anyone who wants a quick refresher on CRL access and services.

Feb 24 2010
Webinar: Access to Academic Theses and Dissertations
This presentation for CRL collection development, reference, and resource-sharing librarians will outline the new challenges in access to dissertations and theses.

Feb 3 2010
Webinar: News – Paper, Film, and Digital
This free Webinar for CRL members, based on a preconference workshop at the 2009 Charleston Conference, will survey evolving models for preserving and providing access to yesterday’s news.

Jan 15 2010
PAN ALA Midwinter January 2010
CRL hosted the PAN meeting at ALA Midwinter 2010 in Boston.

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