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Sep 21 2011
Webinar: Print and Digital Archiving
This webinar for librarians and researchers at CRL institutions offers updates on various print and digital archiving initiatives.

Aug 24 2011
Webinar: Middle East and Islamic Resources
In this topical webinar, staff members and guest speakers will address the growing interest at CRL member institutions in the field of Middle Eastern Studies as well as contemporary Islamic studies.

Jul 13 2011
Webinar: News Preservation and Access
James Simon, Director of the CRL Global Resources Network, hosts this online event that surveys CRL news collections, major news databases, and the challenges of preserving online news.

Apr 21 2011
2011 CRL Annual Members Council Meeting and Collections Forum
Mark your calendar for the 2011 CRL Annual Members Council Meeting, which will be an all-day web conference on Thursday, April 21.

Mar 9 2011
Webinar: Medieval Resources
Several speakers will discuss medieval studies in North America, primary and secondary resources available at CRL, and various programs available to librarians, researchers, and students.

Feb 9 2011
Webinar: Shared Print Archiving Initiatives
CRL Print Archives Program Manager Lizanne Payne will discuss emerging efforts toward collaborative management of library print collections through interconsortial cooperation in North America.

Jan 19 2011
Webinar: Water Resources
CRL’s Webinar on Water Resources provides information and discussion on data and documentation on water, the environment, and public policy, based on presentations at the October 21–22 Global Water forum.

Sep 22 2010
Webinar: New CRL Digital Resources in Law and Government
This Webinar explores a vast database of primary source legal documents and publications now available to CRL libraries.

Jul 14 2010
Webinar: CRL African Resources
CRL members discuss rare and significant African collections at this special subject Webinar.

Feb 24 2010
Webinar: Access to Academic Theses and Dissertations
This presentation for CRL collection development, reference, and resource-sharing librarians will outline the new challenges in access to dissertations and theses.

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