Working with Links

How you add or edit links on the CRL website depends where you are editing the links in Drupal and where you want the links to go.

Paths should be as relative as possible

If you don't understand the concept of absolute and relative URLs, the tutorial, It's the Strands that Make the Web, offers a pretty good explaination with examples.  Please read this article as it will help you avoid creating broken links on the CRL website and make the links easier to manage.

When creating links to another page of content in the site, never include the or portion of the URL in the path.  Generally, you should include the leading '/' as part of the path (for example /collections/collection-description/ and not collections/collection-description/). 

The only exceptions to this rule are if you are sure that you want the path of the link to be relative to the current page.  You might do this if you suspect that part of the menu path may be renamed and you want to avoid having to fix all of your links.   For instance if you are creating a link from the page at to a new page at, you could provide the path as ./new/page instead of /collections/collection-description/new/page though both will function the same in the browser.  The other exception is when you are entering link paths into the Drupal system directly (for example, editing menu items - see below) rather than editing links in the node body.  In this case, you should always omit the leading '/'.

Working with links in menus

The left-hand-side navigation menus are generated by the CRL content menu.  The menu items of this menu can be altered here.

The vast majority of these menu items are links to Page nodes within the menu hierarchy, but in rare cases, you may want to link to another page on the site outside of the current location in the menu hierarchy.  You can also make menu items links to other sites.

When linking to another node in the CRL site, always omit the leading '/' in the path.  For example, if you want to make a menu item link to you would type area-studies/camp into the Path field and not /area-studies/camp.