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    The references below feature the strengths of CRL's holdings. Links point to more detailed descriptions in our catalog, and where available point to digital version of the content or digitized finding aids for microfilm. Collecting in this area continues through the purchase programs.

    Dutch East Indies

    Colonial Economy in the Netherlands Indies
    Dutch East Indies.
    Moran Micropublications
    1854-1857, 1915-1926

    Part 1: The Commission to Investigate the Sugar Manufactories on Java, 1854-1857. Guide.

    Part 2: The Commission for Industrial Development in the Netherlands Indies, 1915-1926. Guide

    Sourced from documents in the National Archives of the Netherlands. Contains commission reports, descriptive and statistical reports for the sugar manufactories on Java, and related appendices.

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    Antara warta berita. Jakarta.
    Lembaga Kantorberita Nasional "Antara,"
    May 28, 1964+
    Catalog Record
    Berita yudha. Jakarta.
    Berita Yudha Press
    Feb. 9, 1965+
    Catalog Record
    Harian umum angkatan bersenjata. Jakarta.
    Supu Baru
    Mar. 1965+


    Surabaya post.
    Surabaja Post
    Aug. 1962-Dec. 2000
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    Tap chi quan doi nhan dan.
    Tạp chí lẏ lụân quân ṣƯ chính trị c̉ua các ḷƯc lỰơ ng vũ trang nhân dân Vịêt Nam
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    Viet Cong documents (Pike Collection)

    GUIDE: Reference Folder #11 This is a set of over 1,000 Viet Cong documents of the National Liberation Front and of the People's Revolutionary Party from 1959-1968. The documents were captured by units of the Vietnamese Army and subsequently collected by Douglas Pike, author of Viet Cong : the organization and techniques of the National Liberation Front of South Viet Nam. (MIT Press, 1966). Some of the documents are in Vietnamese and some have been translated into English.

    Vietnam and South East Asia : special studies, 1960-1980.
    Kesaris, Paul; Lester, Robert
    University Publications of America
    Catalog Record
    Vietnamese materials collected by Jeffrey Race.
    Race, Jeffrey

    GUIDE: Reference Folder #11 Race interviewed South Vietnamese provincial chiefs and other officials in 1967 and 1968. This set is a microfilm of the typed records of the interviews as well as approximately 80 Vietnamese documents, pamphlets, etc., dating from 1956 to 1968.

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Who's who in North Viet Nam.
    United States. Central Intelligence Agency

    This is a directory of leaders of North Viet Nam prepared from Central Intelligence Agency files and issued by the U.S. Department of State, Office of External Research in November 1972.

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