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    The references below feature the strengths of CRL's holdings. Links point to more detailed descriptions in our catalog, and where available point to digital version of the content or digitized finding aids for microfilm. Collecting in this area continues through the purchase programs.

    20th Century to 1945

    British Foreign Office--Russia correspondence, [1781-1905].
    Great Britain. Foreign Office
    Scholarly Resources

    From Foreign Office class no. 65  (FO 65), "General correspondence before 1906, Russian Empire." CRL holdings include  vols. 62-82, 1087, 1154-1685, 1689-1738, covering the years 1781-1905.

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    Great Britain. Foreign Office. Russia Correspondence, [1906-1948].
    Great Britain. Foreign Office
    Scholarly Resources

    From Foreign Office class 371, "General Correspondence from 1906-1966." Includes content for the period 1906-1948.

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    Records of the Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs of Estonia, 1910-1944.
    United States. Dept. of State.
    U.S. National Archives
    Catalog Record
    Records of the Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs of Lithuania, 1910-1944.
    United States. Dept. of State.
    U.S. National Archives

    GUIDE: Diplomatic records : a select catalog of National Archives microfilm publications.

    Catalog Record
    Records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to Commercial Relations Between the United States and Russia/the Soviet Union, 1910-1949.
    United States. Dept. of State
    Scholarly Resources

    GUIDE: Guide to the SR microfilm edition of records of the U.S. Department of State relating to United States commercial relations with Russia /Soviet Union 1910-1949 : decimal files 611.61 and 661.11. E-8742

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    United States and the Russian Civil War : the Betty Miller Unterberger Collection of Documents.
    Unterberger, Betty Miller
    Scholarly Resources

    Compilation of ca. 10,000 documents selected from collections throughout the United States. Includes "documentary materials covering the period of the First World War and its aftermath, especially relating to the United States, revolutionary Russia, and the Russian Civil War, Allied efforts to reestablish an Eastern Front, United States and Allied policy toward the Bolsheviks and later Admiral Kolchak's government; Allied and United States intervention in Russia, the Czech-Bolshevik conflict, the Czechoslovak liberation movement in Austria-Hungary and abroad, the United States and Japan in Eastern Siberia and China. It includes documents on the collapse and breakup of the Austro-Hungarian empire, the efforts of the United States and the Allies to negotiate a separate peace with that empire, the United States and Allied policy toward Russian at the Paris Peace Conference, Allied rivalries over the Chinese Eastern Railway; and the development and the application of the Wilsonian concept of self-determination not only in relation to empire but also to revolution itself."

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    Archives and Rare Books

    Archives and Manuscript Collections in the USSR : Finding Aids on Microfiche.
    Grimsted, Patricia Kennedy
    IDC (Brill)

    GUIDE: Archives and manuscript collections in the USSR : finding aids on microfiche [guide]. E-8610 Grimstead, Patricia. Archives and manuscript repositories in the U.S.S.R. : Moscow and Leningrad. C-23790 Grimstead, Patricia. Archives and manuscript repositories in the U.S.S.R. : Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belorussia. C-27805 Archives and manuscript repositories in the U.S.S.R. : Ukraine and Moldavia. CD1735.U4G75

    This microfiche set is a collection of finding aids, catalogs, bibliographies, and descriptions of archives in the USSR. The set is based on the Grimstead works and is issued in three series:

    1. Moscow and Leningrad
    2. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belorussia
    3. Ukraine and Moldavia.
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    Postwar Period

    Late Soviet and post-Soviet transitional press
    PraXess Associates

    Collection of more than 1000 newspaper titles from the Russian Federation (and from Belarus and Ukraine) documenting the period of change in the Soviet Union from roughly 1985 to 2000. Contains publications from a wide variety of viewpoints and political philosophies. Many titles were ephemeral, publishing only a few issues. Filmed from the collection of the University of California at Berkeley.

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    Soviet Union : Special Studies, 1970-1980.
    Kesaris, Paul
    University Publications of America

    GUIDE: B-39801

    Russian Empire

    Popular literature, fiction and songs in Imperial Russia
    IDC (Brill)
    ca. 1819-1918

    Part of the "Mass Culture and Entertainment in Russia" series, this collection of ca. 200 titles exemplify the genres of Russian popular literature originating in the early nineteenth century. The collection includes penny dreadfuls, historical fiction, chivalric and bandit tales, detectives, family dramas, songbooks, and more.

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    Russian Empire, 1854-1899.
    Irish Microforms

    This set reproduces material in the British parliamentary papers concerning Russia. It is also known as the British diplomatic blue book series, 1801-1899.

    GUIDE: Reference Folder #108 

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    Russian History and Culture.
    Helsingin yliopisto. Kirjasto
    University Microfilms International

    GUIDE: University Microfilms International. Russian history and culture index : a microfiche collection of scarce books on 19th and early 20th century Russia from the Helsinki University Library. E-6273 This is a continuing set of microfiche of titles in the humanities and social sciences. The Helsinki University Library was an official depository of Russian books from 1820-1917. The individual titles are cataloged and appear in CRLCATALOG.

    Catalog Record
    Stenograficheskie Otchety.
    Russia. Gosudarstvennaia Duma
    Hoover Institution

    The Center holds the documents of the Russian parliament from 1906-1917. The microfilm also contains an index.

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    Zemstvo Statistics : Russia c. 1870-1917.
    Pries, Anne
    IDC (Brill)
    c. 1870-1917

    The set includes statistical material published by the Zemstvo, as well as general works and local studies in this field. Material concerns agrarian development and the peasantry of the 19th-20th centuries and includes demographic statistics, data on health and medical care, primary education and libraries, meterological data, data about large estates, handcrafts and industry in cities. CRL holds an incomplete set (covering titles RZ1-RZ408 as indexed in the collection guide). Individual titles are cataloged separately.

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