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    The references below feature many of the strengths of CRL’s holdings. Links point to more detailed descriptions in the CRL catalog, as well
    as digital versions of the content or digitized finding aids for microfilm where available. Collecting in this area continues through the purchase programs.

    Church of England

    Records of the Church of England during the Commonwealth period, 1643-1661.
    Church of England
    World Microfilms

    GUIDE: CRL Reference Folder #110

    This is a microfilm of records in the Lambeth Palace Library that concern the Puritan Revolution and its effect on the government of the church.

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (Great Britain). Papers, 1701-1750.
    Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (Great Britain), Lambeth Palace Library
    World Microfilms

    This microfilm set contains materials in the Lambeth Palace Library consisting of approximately 2,500 letters and eight volumes of the Society’s minutes and papers concerning the establishment of the American episcopate. The correspondence is with the clergy sent to America, and covers the social, economic, and political, as well as the religious history of the period.

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    German Evangelic Church

    Die Kirchenkampf: the Gutteridge-Micklam collections.
    Gutteridge, Richard; Micklem, Nathaniel, 1888–; Bodleian Library
    K.G. Saur

    GUIDE: Die Kirchenkampf: the Gutteridge-Micklam collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford: [guide]. B-38533

    This set includes political and theological documents from 1930 to 1969 from the German Evangelic Church. Books, periodicals, reports, correspondence, memoranda, etc., relate the church’s struggle against the Nazis’ attempt to establish a state church.

    Catalog Record


    Lutheran reformation : sources 1500-1650. Section 1. Germany.
    Maltby, William S., 1940-; Center for Reformation Research
    IDC (Brill)

    Collection of source material documenting the Lutheran Reformation in Germany during the period 1500–1600. The collection consists of 362 titles and is made up of works by prominent figures of the Lutheran Reformation, such as Johanness Bugenhagen, Jakob Andreae, Matthias Flacius Illyricus, Martin Chemnitz, Tilemann Heshusius, Aegidus Hunnius, Johann Wigand, and many others.

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Microfilm Corpus of American Lutheranism.
    American Theological Library Association

    Collection includes books, pamphlets, sermons, journals, hymns, addresses, synod reports, and early editions of Luther’s catechism from America between 1704 and 1874. CRL owns 15 of 35 reels produced.

    Catalog Record

    Manuscripts, Pamphlets and Records

    Early printed books on religion from colonial Spanish America, 1543/44-c. 1800
    IDC (Brill)

    Collection of more than 400 printed works from colonial Spanish America, including catechisms, devotional works, hagiographies, religious biographies, orders, sermons, and more. The majority of works are from Mexico and Peru.

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    Flugschriften des frühen 16. Jahrhunderts (1501-1530).
    Köhler, Hans Joachim
    IDC (Brill)

    This microfiche set (part I of II from IDC) contains nearly 5,000 German and Latin pamphlets printed in the Holy Roman Empire during the first three decades of the sixteenth century. Topics include the early Reformation movement, the threat presented by the expansion of the Turks, and with various conflicts among the Western European countries.

    GUIDE: Flugschriften des fruhen 16. Jahrhunderts (1501–30): Register.  Z1033.M6 F646

    Catalog Record

    Missionary Documents and Records

    Church Missionary Society Archive.
    Church Missionary Society
    Adam Matthew Publications

    GUIDE: Church Missionary Society Archive: A list and guide. B-43202 Section 1, pt. 1-3; B-46535 Section 1, pt. 4-9; B-46957 Section 1, pt. 10-14; B-46399 Section 2, pt. 1-5; B-46426 Section 3, pt. 1-5 (copy 1 and 2); B-46577 Section 5, pt. 1. See also publisher’s introduction and section guides. In addition to the missionary records from Africa, CRL has acquired record sets of the Church Missionary Society archives for other regions of the world. Records currently held include:

    Section I. East Asia missions

    • Part 1: Japan, 1869–1949 (including Loochoo Naval Mission, 1843–61)
    • Part 2-3: Japan, 1869–1949
    • Part 4-9: Church of England Zenana Missionary Society, 1880–1957
    • Part 10: China Mission, 1834–1914
    • Part 11: South China Mission, 1885–1934
    • Part 12: South China Mission, 1888–1934
    • Part 13: Chekiang Mission, 1885–1934
    • Part 14: Chekiang Mission, 1888–1934
    • Part 15: Western China Mission, 1897–1934
    • Part 16: Western China Mission, 1898–1934, and Fukien Mission, 1900–34
    • Part 17: Fukien Mission, 1911–34
    • Part 18: Fukien Mission, 1900-1934, Kwangsi-Hunan Mission, 1911-1934, China General, 1935-1951 and South China, 1935-1951
    • Part 19: South China Mission, 1935-1951, Fukien Mission, 1935-1951 and Kwangsi-Hunan Mission, 1935-1951
    • Part 20: East Asia General, 1935-1949 and Annual Letters for Japan, China and Canada, 1917-1949
    • Part 21: Periodicals for South, Central and West China, 1899-1970, and Japan, 1905-1941, including Papers of Fukien Conferences, 1906-1937

    Section II. Missions to women

    • Part 1: Society for Promoting Female Education (FES) in China, India, and the East, 1834–99
    • Part 3: Homes of the East, 1910–48 (including Torchbearer from 1914); Daybreak, 1889, 1893–94, and 1906–09; and The Indian Female Evangelist, 1872–80
    • Part 4: The Indian Female Evangelist and successors, 1881–1956 (covering The Indian Female Evangelist, 1881–93; The Zenana: Woman's Work in India, 1893–1935; The Zenana: Women's Work in India and Pakistan, 1936–56) from Interserve, London
    • Part 5: Minutes of the Zenana, Medical, and Bible Mission, 1865–1937, and the Annual Reports of the Indian Female Normal School and Instruction Society, 1863–79, from Interserve, London

    Section III. Central records

    • Part 1: Annotated Register of CMS Missionaries, History of the CMS by Eugene Stock, and the Catalogues to the Overseas Archive, CEZMS and FES Archives
    • Part 2: CMS Gleaner, 1841–1921 (also CMS Gleaner Pictorial Album, 1888 and CMS Missionary Atlas, 1879)
    • Part 3: CMS Outlook, 1922–72 (a continuation from CMS Gleaner)
    • Part 4: Annual Letters, 1886–1912
    • Part 5: CMS Medical Journals: Mercy and Truth, 1897–1921; The Mission Hospital, 1922–39; The Way of Healing, 1940; The Medical Mission Quarterly, 1892–96; and Preaching and Healing, 1900–06
    • Part 6: CMS Circular Books & Letters, 1799–1921
    • Part 7: CMS Minutes, 1799–1837
    • Part 8: CMS Minutes, 1837–1853
    • Part 9: CMS Minutes, 1854–76 and Indexes to Minutes, 1799–1878
    • Part 10: The Missionary Papers, 1816-1884, CMS Monthly Paper, 1828-1829, A Quarterly Token for Juvenile Subscribers, 1856-1878 and 1888-1917, The Home Gazette, 1905-1906 and The CMS Gazette, 1907-1934
    • Part 11: General Review of Missions, 1919, Annual Reports, 1922-1944 and CMS Historical Record, 1944-1986

    Section IV. Africa Missions

    • Part 1-12: See CAMP collection: Church Missionary Society. Records [1803-1914] and related Guide, which provides cross-indexing to the Adam Matthew reel numbers.
    • Part 14: Egypt Mission, 1889-1934
    • Part 15: Egypt Mission, 1889-1949
    • Part 16: South Africa Mission, 1836-1843, Kenya Mission, 1841-1888 and Nyanza Mission, 1876-1882
    • Part 17: Kenya Mission, 1880-1934
    • Part 18: Kenya Mission, 1880-1934
    • Part 19: Taganyika Mission, 1900-1934, Nyanza Mission, 1880-1886 and Rwanda Mission, 1933-1934
    • Part 20: Uganda Mission, 1898-1934
    • Part 21: Kenya Mission, 1935-1949
    • Part 22: Uganda Mission, 1898-1934
    • Part 23: Uganda Tanganyika and Rwanda Missions, 1935-1949

    Section V. Americas

    • Part 1: West Indies, 1819–61
    • Part 2: North West Canada, 1821–80
    • Part 3: North West Canada, 1881–1930

    Section VI. Missions to India

    • Part 1: India General, 1811-1815 and North India Mission, 1815-1881
    • Part 2: North India Mission, 1844-1886
    • Part 3: India General, 1811-1815 and South India Mission, 1815-1884
    • Part 4: South India Mission, 1834-1880

    Section VII. General Secretary's papers

    • Part 1: Papers relating to Africa, 1847-1950
    • Part 2: Papers relating to Africa, 1873-1949
    Catalog Record · Guide
    Council for World Mission. Archives, 1775-1940.
    Commonwealth Missionary Society; London Missionary Society
    IDC (Brill)

    These records of the London Missionary Society and the Commonwealth Missionary Society (which later merged to become the Congregational Council for World Mission) are some of the oldest archives on missionary work with files of correspondence dating back to the 18th century. The originals are at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. The records are arranged by geographic area as described in the manuscript inventories.

    GUIDE: Council for World Mission. Inventory of the archives, 1775-1940. [119 fiche.]

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Joint IMC/CBMS (International Missionary Council and the Conference of British Missionary Societies) archives: Africa and India, 1910-1945.
    Conference of Missionary Societies in Great Britain and Ireland
    IDC (Brill)

    These records of the International Missionary Council and the Conference of British Missionary Societies include an inventory of manuscripts.

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Korea Mission records, 1903-1957
    Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Board of Foreign Missions
    Scholarly Resources

    Collection of mission reports and field correspondence from the Board of Foreign Mission, Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Included are histories, mission reports, field correspondence, Board of Foreign Missions circular letters, educational and medical work records, and missionary personal correspondence.

    Catalog Record · Guide

    Protestant Reformation

    Catholic reformation, including French diocesan catechisms, 1615-1900
    IDC (Brill)

    Includes fiche of original printed sources, many from the Bibliotheque des Fontaines of the Society of Jesus in Chantilly, France.

    CRL holds sections on theology, philosophy, controversies, biographies and foreign missions, but does not hold the French diocesan catechisms. Titles cataloged separately.

    GUIDE: Catholic reformation, including French diocesan catechisms, 1615–1900, on microfiche. E-8614

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Reformed Protestantism : Sources of the 16th and 17th Centuries
    Büsser, Fritz
    IDC (Brill)
    16th-17th centuries

    This set includes published materials from the 16th and 17th centuries. The Center's guides are a short-title list of the volumes and the publisher's printed reel guide. The Center holds the following parts:

    • Section 1A. Heinrich Bullinger and the Zurich Reformation (350 titles)
    • Section 1B. Reformation: Geneva (95 titles)
    • Secton 2A. Reformation: Strasbourg (64 titles)
    • Section 2B. Reformation: France (52 titles)
    • Section 3. Reformation: The Netherlands and Germany (158 titles)
    • Supplement 1. Supp. ections 1-3 (269 titles)
    • Supplement 2. Supp. sections 1-3 (38 titles)

    Individual titles cataloged separately. See also title lists at: 



    Canterbury (Province). The registers of the Archbishops of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace Library, 13th to 17th centuries.
    Lambeth Palace Library
    World Microfilms
    13th–17th centuries
    Catalog Record

    Scientific Philosophy

    Wittgenstein, Ludwig, 1889-1951. Papers, photocopy of manuscript notebooks.
    Wittgenstein, Ludwig, 1889–1951
    Cornell University

    Description from guide:
    Professor Norman Malcolm, of Cornell University, and Professor Georg Henrik von Wright, Academy of Finland, Helsinki, have collected the papers by assignment of the literary trustees of the Wittgenstein estate. The originals are primarily in the library of Trinity College in Cambridge, and in the hands of a private owner in Vienna; original negative microfilms were made partly in England and partly at Cornell. The final negative microfilms were made at Cornell, and are held by Cornell University Libraries in Ithaca, New York.

    CRL holds reels 1–2, 5, 10–22, 24–25, 27–29.

    Catalog Record · Guide

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