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    CRL collects and maintains extensive archival collections related to Great Britain. In addition to major microform sets, CRL holds numerous historical newspaper runs and dissertations acquired on deposit and in response to schoar requests.

    British material represents one of the strongest areas of CRL's international collections. The references below feature the strengths of CRL's holdings. Links point to more detailed descriptions in our catalog, and where available point to digital version of the content or digitized finding aids for microfilm. Collecting in this area continues through the purchase programs.

    Church Archives

    Church court records of Chichester, 1506-1700.
    Church of England. Archdeaconry of Chichester. Court

    This is Series 2 of the set "Ecclesiastical authority in England" and is comprised of two parts: Part 1, Instance books 1557-1694, and taxation books 1606-1607; Part 2, Detection books 1538-1700, register of churchwarden's presentments 1571-1682, church inspection books 1602-1636, excommunication papers 1612-1665, churchwarden's presentments 1573-1698.

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Church Court Records of Ely
    Catholic Church. Diocese of Ely (England). Consistory Court
    Harvester Microform

    Series 1 of the set Ecclesiastical Authority in England reproduces original manuscripts held at Cambridge University Library. Contains the main sequence of Instance Act Books (13741640), covering cases between parties, particularly marriage and tithe cases. Part 2 contains the Office Act Books (14691639), which treat the spiritual and moral welfare of both clergy and laity. This is supplemented by a collection of Formularies, dealing with matters as diverse as sequestrations, commissions of offices, proceedings against lollards, inquisitions, and dispensations

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    Records of the Court of Arches at Lambeth Palace Library.
    Court of Arches.

     This microfiche and microfilm set reproduces the records of approximately 10,000 cases of the ecclesiastical court of appeals for southern England and Wales from 1660 to modern times. These include matrimonial, testamentary, and parochial cases and cases relating to the manners and morals of clergy and laity (including defamation). The Center holds the following categories of records:

    • Act Books, 1635-1774. [Category A] 27 reels.
    • Acts of Court, 1714-1818. [Category Aa] 10 reels.
    • Assignation books, 1763-1875. [Category Aaa] 11 reels.
    • Sentences, 1560-1797. [Category B] 17 reels.
    • Appeals, 1661-1803. [Category C] 6 reels.
    • Process books of the Court of Arches at Lambeth Palace Library, 1660-1893. [Category D] [Catalog Record] 12,950 fiche.
      The Process Books cover about 2,300 of the 10,000 cases and contain detailed statements of the proceedings in the lower court before the cases came to the Court of Arches on appeal. Formal proceedings are in Latin until 1733; depositions and other evidence are in English.
    • Personal answers, 1661-1803. [Category Ee] 9 reels.
    • Depositions, 1664-1803. [Category Eee] [Catalog Record] 17 reels.
    • Depositions in individual cases, 1822-1860. [Category Eee] 308 fiche.
    • Muniment books, 1554-1850. [Category F] 7 reels.
    • Minute books, 1875-1883. [Category Hhh]
      Part filmed with Assignation books [Category Aaa], and part filmed with Muniment books [Category F].
    • Black book of the Arches. [Category N] 1 reel.

    GUIDE: Lambeth Palace Library. Index of cases in the Court of Arches at Lambeth Palace Library, 1660-1913. D-10607

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    The Fulham papers at Lambeth Palace Library.
    Lambeth Palace Library
    World Microfilms
    late 17th and early 18th centuries

    This set includes general correspondence and other papers from the late 17th and early 18th centuries from the Church of England in Canada, the thirteen colonies and the West Indies, to the Bishop of London.

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    Government publications

    Britain and Europe since 1945.
    Harvester/Primary Source Microfilm

    Fiche edition of serial publications and pamphlets issued by various British groups related to entry and participation in the Common Market. The collection culminates with the introduction of the single European currency in 1999. It includes contributions from such organizations as the Anti-Common Market League, Bank of England, British Weights and Measures Association, Bruges Group, Centre for Policy Studies, Confederation of British Industry, European Foundation, Women in Europe, and many others. CRL holds the entire collection, including the original fiche set (1945-1972) and annual supplements (1973-1999).

    Catalog Record
    British Government Publications Containing Statistics, 1801-1965.

    This microfilm set includes statistical serials from various British agencies (including Parliament). The 600,000 pages of reports cover social, economic, and industrial statistics. CRL’s holdings (cataloged individually by title) include the “Annual statement of the trade of the United Kingdom,” “Trade and navigation accounts,” and many other titles.

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    British treasury, economic depression and international finance, 1916-1943.
    Lowe, Rodney Great Britain. Public Record Office

    Set includes files from private offices of Chancellors of the Exchequer, and records from several international economics conferences in the 1930s. Part One of the collection includes analyses of the international financial situation, the rise of the U.S. as a major financial power and the economic development of Nazi Germany. It is also concerned with international economic policy, especially the notorious return to the Gold Standard in 1925, and includes the papers of several international economic conferences in the 1930s. Part Two contains the files in which the British Treasury re-enacted the "new deals" proposed by Keynes and Lloyd George to "conquer" mass unemployment. It also provides the actual records of deputations of the Chancellor from the major industrial organizations, such as the Federation of British Industries and the Trades Union Congress.

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    The Repertories of the Court of Aldermen, 1495–1835, from the Corporation of London Record Office
    Corporation of London. Court of Aldermen.
    Harvester Microform

    Offered as part of the set “Making of Modern London,” the repertories of the Court of Aldermen—one of the two assemblies responsible for administering London—give a detailed record of London and its people over four centuries. The records describe local administrative issues (police, water supply, building codes, citizenship) and related matters. To date, only the repertories from 1495 to 1692 have been produced.

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    Great Britain. Cabinet Office and Prime Minister

    Cabinet reports by prime ministers to the Crown
    Great Britain. Prime Minister
    Harvester / Primary Source Microfilm

    Contains reports located in the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle

    Catalog Record
    Churchill at war : the Prime Minister's Office papers, 1940-1945
    Great Britain. Public Record Office
    Primary Source Media

    Includes selections from PRO record classes PREM 3 (Prime Minister’s Operational Correspondence and Papers) and and PREM 4 (Confidential Correspondence and Papers). The papers detail a wide range of international wartime activities and the work of the British civil departments during the war. From the publisher: "the Operational and Confidential Papers present a unique archival resource of World War II, in terms of military operations, wartime organisation, the effect of war on Great Britain and the mobilisation of the country to the war effort."

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    Great Britain. Cabinet Office.
    Great Britain. Public Record Office

    The Center holds over 450 reels and 200 fiche of Cabinet Office records produced by the Public Record Office and other micropublishers. This material usually should be requested under this entry format: Great Britain. PRO. CAB [class number/volume number]. The Center's holdings of substantial or complete CAB sets are listed below (many partial sets may be found in the catalog).

    • PRO. CAB 19 - Records of Special Commissions to Enquire into the Operations of War in Mesopotamia (Hamilton Commission) and in the Dardanelles (Cromer and Pickford Commission), 1916-1919
    • PRO. CAB 23 - Cabinet Minutes, 1916-1939. v. 1-101
    • PRO. CAB 24 - Cabinet Memoranda, 1916-1939. v. 1-288
    • PRO. CAB 28 - Proceedings and conclusions of Anglo-French and Allied conferences, 1915-1920. v. 1-9
    • PRO. CAB 29 - International conferences, minutes and papers, 1916-1939
    • PRO. CAB 30 - Washington (Disarmament) Conference, Minutes and Memoranda, 1921-1922
    • PRO. CAB 37 - Photographic Copies of Cabinet Papers, 1880-1916. v. 1-162
    • PRO. CAB 38 - Records of the Committee of Imperial Defence. Minutes and memoranda, 1888-1914. v. 1-28
    • PRO. CAB 41 - Photographic Copies of Cabinet Letters in the Royal Archives, 1868-1916.
    • PRO. CAB 42 - Papers of the War Council, Dardanelles Committee and the War Committee, 1914-1916. v. 1-26
    • PRO. CAB 50 - Papers of the Committee of Imperial Defence, Oil Board. Minutes and Memoranda, 1925-1939. v. 1-17
    • PRO. CAB 65 - War Cabinet. Conclusions [of meetings], 1939-1945. v. 1-55
    • PRO. CAB 66 - War Cabinet. Memoranda. 1939-1945. v. 45, 15-16, 33-35, 48-52 [partial set]
    • PRO. CAB 67 - War Cabinet minutes and papers, 1939-1941.Memoranda (WP(G) Series)
    • PRO. CAB 68 - War Cabinet minutes and papers, 1939-1942.Memoranda (WP(G) Series)
    • PRO. CAB 79 - War Cabinet and Cabinet: Chiefs of Staff Committee. Minutes, 1939-1946. Records of Cabinet Committees, etc, 1939-1945. v. 1-92
    • PRO. CAB 80 - War Cabinet and Cabinet: Chiefs of Staff Committee. Memoranda. v. 1-34, 56-106 [partial set]
    • PRO. CAB 128 - Minutes (CM and CC Series), 1945-1974. v. 1-26 [partial set]
    • PRO. CAB 129 - Memoranda (CP and C Series), 1945-1972. v. 1-64 [partial set]

    For details on each set, consult the National Archives catalogue by reference number ("CAB xx").

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Great Britain. PRO. CAB 63/1-191. Hankey papers.
    Great Britain. Cabinet Office
    Public Record Office

    This set contains the correspondence and papers of Lord Hankey relating to his work as a minister during World War II. Contents include memoranda and reports prepared for ministers and the Cabinet; his engagement diaries 1926 to 1937; accounts of his visit to Dominion countries (South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Canada) 1934 to 1935 and his discussions there on matters of defence; correspondence and papers relating to his work in government during the Second World War including, in particular, a number concerning defence, oil supplies, the fall of the Netherlands, Belgium and France, and supplies to the Allies; and some private and personal correspondence..

    Papers of the Prime Ministers of Great Britain
    Harvester / Primary Source Microfilm

    CRL owns parts 1-8 of this collection, which comprises original correspondence, speeches, public and private papers, and personal records of the Prime Ministers of Great britain. Records were filemd from files of the Public Record Office, British Library, and other sources.

    • Series 1: The Papers of William Pitt the Younger (Prime Minister, 1783-1801 and 1804-1806)  [catalog record] [guide]
    • Series 2: The Papers of Sir Robert Peel (Prime Minister, 1834-1835, 1841-1845 and 1845-1846) [catalog record] [guide]
    • Series 3: The Papers of Lord Liverpool (Prime Minister, 1812-1827)  [catalog record] [guide]
    • Series 4: The Papers of the Duke of Newcastle (Prime Minister, 1754-1756 and 1757-1762)  [catalog record] [guide]
    • Series 5: The Papers of Lord North (Prime Minister, 1770-1782)  [catalog record] [guide]
    • Series 6: The Papers of George Grenville (Prime Minister, 1763-1765)  [catalog record] [guide]
    • Series 7: The Papers of Spencer Perceval (Prime Minister, 1809-1812)  [catalog record] [guide]
    • Series 8: The Papers of William Ewart Gladstone (Prime Minister, 1868-1874, 1880-1885, 1886, 1892-1894)  [catalog record]
    Catalog Record

    Great Britain. Colonial Office

    Great Britain. Colonial Office.
    Great Britain. Colonial Office
    Public Record Office

    CRL holds over 800 microfilm reels and 500 fiche of Colonial Office records. Content may be included in other microfilm sets (see also Home Office or Foreign Office sets). Substantial or complete sets are listed below.


    • PRO. CO 48 - Cape of Good Hope Colony (Cape Colony), original correspondence. v.160-190 (1828/1834-1938)
    • PRO. CO 551 - Union of South Africa, Original Correspondence. v. 1-69 (1910-1914)
    • PRO. CO 879 - Confidential print. Africa, 1848-1961
    • PRO. CO 2 & 392 - The exploration and colonization of Africa (1794-1844)

       America and West Indies

    • PRO. CO 5 - America and West Indies. Original correspondence, etc., 1606-1807. [partial set, v. 90-111, 390-297, 848-921 ]
    • PRO. CO 42 - Canada, formerly British North America. Original Correspondence, 1700-1922. [partial set, v. 1-157, 315-356]
    • PRO. CO 137 - Jamaica. Original correspondence, 1689-1951. [partial set, v. 18-23, 48, 56, 91-248]
    • PRO. CO 142 - Jamaica, Miscellanea, 1658-1945. [partial set, v. 13-29]

       Middle East

    • PRO. CO 733 - Palestine. Original  correspondence, 1927-1934 [v. 130-268; see also v. 286-415]


    • PRO. CO 129 - Hong Kong. Original Correspondence, 1841-1951 [partial set, v. 271-303, 474-478]
    • PRO. CO 717 - Malay States, Federated. Original Correspondence, 1920-1940.
    • PRO. CO 940 - Singapore, sessional papers, 1946-1965. [partial set, v. 1-9 (1946-1950)]


    Catalog Record
    Great Britain. PRO. C.O. 831/1-59. Original correspondence : Transjordan, 1928-1943.
    Great Britain. Colonial Office
    Public Record Office
    Catalog Record

    Great Britain. Foreign Office

    Great Britain. Foreign Office.
    Great Britain. Foreign Office
    Great Britain. Public Record Office

    The Center has an extensive collection of microfilm of Foreign Office records, acquired from the Public Record Office and from various commercial micropublishers. The following presents a sample of what may be found in CRL's catalog. Notable collections may also be listed in the respective regional Topic Guides.

    • FO 228 - Embassy and consular archives, China, general correspondence, Series I, 1834-1930
    • FO 195 - Embassy and consulates, Turkey (formerly Ottoman Empire) : general correspondence, 1808-1962
    • FO 204 - Embassy, consulates and legation. Mexico, general correspondence, 1822-1973
    • FO 252 -  Foreign Office and Foreign and Commonwealth Office, embassy, legation and consulates. Guatemala : general correspondence
    • FO 47 - General Correspondence before 1906. Liberia, 1848-1905
    • FO 55 - General correspondence: Colombia and New Grenada, 1835-1905
    • FO 371 - General correspondence, political. China
    • FO 371 - General correspondence, political relating to Germany.
    • FO 800 - Private collections. Ministers and officials (various)  : 1824-1949.
    • FO 931 - [Qing dai Guangdong Sheng dang an] [Guangdong provincial archives].

    Request materials through Access Services using the class and volume number. 

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Great Britain. Foreign Office. Embassy and Consular Archives : America, United States of : correspondence
    Great Britain. Foreign Office
    Public Record Office

     The Center has v. 1271-3416 for 1903-1938.

    Catalog Record
    Great Britain. Foreign Office. General correspondence, political, United States, 1914-1929.
    Great Britain. Foreign Office
    Public Record Office

     The Center has v. 4242-4251 (1919) and v. 4547-4548 (1920).

    Catalog Record
    Great Britain. Foreign Office. General correspondence, political. U.S., 1930-1948.
    Great Britain. Foreign Office
    Scholarly Resources
    Catalog Record
    Great Britain. Foreign Office. Law Officers' opinions to the Foreign Office, 1793-1860 : a reproduction of the manuscript series with index and commentaries.
    Gregg International

    Facsimile reproduction of the manuscript reports on legal questions under consideration by the Foreign Office. Before 1860, the Foreign Office did not have its own legal advisors, and these reports were written by legal scholars. The volumes contain about 9,500 opinions from F.O. 83 .

    Catalog Record · Guide

    Great Britain. Parliament

    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Division lists, 1836-1909.
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
    Chadwyck-Healey, CRL, & House of Lords Record Office
    Catalog Record
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Journals of the House of Commons.
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons.

    The Center has vols. 1-155 (1547-1900).

    Catalog Record · Electronic Version
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Parliamentary debates. 5th series, 1-410, 1908-1945.
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons.

    Original format. Full title is The parliamentary debates in the fifth session of the twenty-seventh parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in the fourth year of the reign of His Majesty King Edward VII : fourth volume of session, House of Lords, Friday, 18th March [and] House of Commons, Monday 21st March, 1904.

    Catalog Record
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Select Committee on Public Petitions. Reports, 1833-1900.
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Select Committee on Public Petitions
    Catalog Record
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Sessional papers.
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons.

    This is microprint of 1731-1900.

    Catalog Record
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. House of Lords sessional papers, 1641-1859.
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords.
    Oceana Publications

    GUIDE: A General index to the sessional papers printed by order of the House of Lords or presented by special command, 1801-1859, Session 1. E-6235 Reference Folder #25 This material is comprised of a facsimile reprint for 1641-1805, and microfilm for 1806-1859.

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. Journals.
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords

    The Center holds hardcopy format journal volumes 1-90 (1509-1857).

    Catalog Record
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. Main papers.
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords.
    1509-June 1715

    The Main Papers are all documents produced or used by the House of Lords. This set covers the period 1509-June 1715, in nine parts. The contents of the Main papers include command papers, act papers, papers laid pursuant to subsidiary legislation, petitions, private bill papers, judicial papers, and public bill papers.

    Catalog Record
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. Parliamentary history, 1620-1762.
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords
    Adam Matthew Publications

    This set contains Part 1 of "Parliamentary History" : Manuscript minutes, committee books, and voting records of the House of Lords, c. 1620-1714. The collection also includes the Proceedings in Lords Committees, 1661-1741; Proxy records, 1625-1755; and Proceedings of the Committee for Privileges, 1660-1762. Microform reproduction of originals in the House of Lords Records Office, London.

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Great Britain. Parliament. Parliamentary debates.

    This is the original format of the 1st-4th series, 1803-1908.

    Catalog Record
    Great Britain. Parliament. Parliamentary register, or History of the proceedings and debates in the House of Commons and Lords.
    Great Britain. Parliament
    Microcard Editions
    Catalog Record
    Irish University Press area studies series, British parliamentary papers: United States of America
    Irish University Press

    This subset of the "Irish University Press area studies series" covers Brtitsh relations with America (ca. 1840-1900). A significant portion of the set relates to commercial interests between the two nations, incorporating yearly reports of British consulates and legations on the social and economic conditions of the district in which the officer resided.

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Irish University Press series of British parliamentary papers.
    Irish University Press

    This is a reprint edition (1000+ volumes) of the House of Commons Sessional papers covering 1801-1899. The papers included are selected from sessional and command papers and are arranged in several broad subject groupings such as Agriculture, Colonies, Education, Industrial Revolution, Population, Slave Trade, and Trade and Industry.

    Separate to the 1,000 Volumes are the nineteenth-century papers on the United States, China, Japan and other significant geographical areas which have been abstracted, arranged by subject and chronologically, and are being published in manageable units in the Area Studies series.

    Catalog Record · Guide

    Great Britain. Sovereign

    Home Office class HO 42 : George III, correspondence, 1782-1820.
    George III, King of Great Britain, 1738-1820. Great Britain. Public Record Office

    This set consists of nine parts (218 volumes) , reproducing letters and papers relating to government affairs covering a time of political unrest within England. The set continues the material found in S.P. 37.

    Catalog Record
    House of Stuart. Stuart papers from the Royal Archives, Windsor Castle, 1579-1823.
    Micro Methods

    This set reproduces 541 volumes and 100 supplementary volumes from the Stuart archives. The film includes original letters to the Stuarts, copy letters for them, and other miscellaneous materials. Index on reels 244-247.

    Catalog Record · Guide
    State papers, domestic.
    Great Britain. Public Record Office
    Harvester / Primary Source Microfilm

    The Center has received microfilm of various classes of State Papers. To request these materials from Access Services, please use the class designation: "Great Britain. PRO. SP [class number]/[volume numbers]."

    State papers of Henry VIII, 1509-1547 : general series, SP 1  [catalog record]

    State papers, foreign and domestic, Henry VIII, 1509-1560 (Lisle papers), SP 3  [catalog record]

    The complete state papers domestic. Series one, 1547-1625   [catalog record]  [guide]

    • pt. 1. Edward VI, 1547-1553 and Mary I, 1553-1558; SP 10-11
    • pt. 2. Elizabeth I, 1558-1568; SP 12/1-12/48  [incomplete set]
    • pt. 3. Elizabeth I, 1569-1575; SP 12/49-12/106  [incomplete set]
    • pt. 4. Elizabeth I, 1576-1585; SP 12/107-12/185  [incomplete set]
    • pt. 5. Elizabeth I, 1586-1592; SP 12/186-12/243  [incomplete set]
    • pt. 6. Elizabeth I, 1593-1603; SP 12/244-12/288  [incomplete set]
    • pt. 7. James I, 1603-1608; SP 14/1-14/40  [incomplete set]
    • pt. 8. James I, 1608-1617; SP 14/41-14/94  [incomplete set]
    • pt. 9. James I, 1618-1623; SP 14/95-14/157  [incomplete set]
    • pt. 10. James I, 1624-1625; SP 14/158-14/216  [incomplete set]

    The Complete state papers domestic. Series two, 1625-1702  [catalog record]  [guide]

    • pt. 1. Charles I, 1625-1627, SP 16/1-16/89  [incomplete set]
    • pt. 2. Charles I, 1628-1630 , SP 16/90-16/181  [incomplete set]
    • pt. 3. Charles I, 1631-1633, SP 16/182-16/257  [incomplete set]
    • pt. 4. Charles I, 1634-1635, SP 16/258-16/310  [incomplete set]
    • pt. 5. Charles I, 1636-1637, SP 16/311-16/377  [incomplete set]
    • pt. 6. Charles I, 1638-1639, SP 16/378-16/440  [incomplete set]
    • pt. 7. Charles I, 1640-1642, SP 16/441-16/496  [incomplete set]
    • pt. 8. Charles I ,1643-1648, SP 16/497-16/542  [incomplete set]
    • pt. 9. State papers, domestic, Interregnum, 1649-1652, SP 18/1-31  [catalog record]      
    • pt. 10. State papers, domestic, Interregnum, 1653, SP 18/32-64  [catalog record]       
    • pt. 11. State papers, domestic, Interregnum, 1654, SP 18/65-93  [catalog record]        
    • pt. 12. State papers, domestic, Interregnum, 1655-1656, SP 18/94-131a  [catalog record]   
    • pt. 13. State papers, domestic, Interregnum, 1656-1657, SP 18/132-178  [catalog record]     
    • pt. 14. State papers, domestic, Interregnum, 1658-1660, SP 18/179-225  [catalog record]     

    Unpublished state papers of the English Civil War and interregnum, 1640-1649 [catalog record] [guide]

    • Papers of the committee for the sequestration of delinquents' estates, SP 20/1-9
    • Papers of the committee for plunderd ministers, SP 22/1-3
    • Papers of the committee and commissioners for indemnity, SP 24/1-25
    • Papers of various committees, SP 28/252-347

    State papers domestic, Charles II, 1660-1688, S.P. 29  [catalog record] [incomplete set]

    State papers, domestic, Queen Anne, 1702-1714, SP 34/1-38  [catalog record

    Complete Hanoverian state papers domestic, 1714-1782 [guide]

    The complete state papers regencies, 1716-1755.


    Coventry Papers.
    Coventry, Henry, 1619-1686 Coventry, William, Sir, 1628?-1686
    Microform Academic and Library of Congress

    Includes the papers of the Coventry family, 1585-1705, held at the Library of the Marquess of Bath, Longleat House. Reels 1-65 were published by the British Manuscripts Project.

    Catalog Record
    Harleian manuscripts [Tudor and Stuart manuscripts from the Harleian Collection]
    Robert Harley, Earl of Oxford and Mortimer, collector
    Harvester / Primary Source Media
    16th-17th centuries

    Center owns parts 1-9 of this ongoing series. The microfilm reproduces volumes from the British Library's collection of manuscripts from the 16th and 17th centuries. Included are tracts and papers on the reigns of Edward VI and Mary Queen of Scots, documentation of speeches, legislation, political trials and cases at Star Chamber and Chancery.

    Catalog Record
    Lansdowne manuscripts.

    This series covers 1540-1660, and contains documents covering the political, legal and religious history of Tudor and Stuart England. The following titles are parts of this series:

    • Part One: Lord Burghley's Papers [catalog record]
      Letters and papers ranging from the 13th century to 1685
    • Part Two: Sir Julius Caesar's papers  [catalog record]
      From the Lansdowne collection (volumes 123-174), covering the years 1583-1636
    • Part Three: The Most Important Volumes Selected from Vols. 187-554 of the Lansdowne Collection  [catalog record]
    • Part Four: The Most Important Volumes Selected from Vols. 555-1036 of the Lansdowne Collection  [catalog record]
    • Part Five: The Most Important Volumes Selected from Vols. 1050-1238 of the Lansdowne Collection  [catalog record]
    Catalog Record
    Sir William Clarke manuscripts, 1640-1664.
    Clarke, William, Sir, 1623-1666

    Sir William Clarke was one of the chief secretaries to the Generals of the Parliamentary and Cromwellian army from the end of the Civil War to the Restoration. Clarke's papers concern the British Civil War and the Army and military proceedings, particularly in Scotland. This collection of manuscripts represents one of the most significant sources for the study of the Civil War period outside the State Papers. There is an introduction and guide to the contents at the beginning of each reel.

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Tanner manuscripts.
    Tanner, Thomas, 1674-1735
    Harvester / Primary Source Microfilm

    This set is the microfilm edition of the manuscript collection of Thomas Tanner, Bishop of St. Asaphs, 1674-1735, in the Bodleian Library. The set consists of four parts:

    • Part 1. Church, state and politics in England after the Civil War (1648-1699); reels 1-17.
    • Part 2. Church, state and politics in sixteenth and seventeenth century England (1570-1647); reels 18-42.
    • Part 3. Church, state and politics in seventeenth century England (1600-1700); reels 43-64.
    • Part 4. Church, state and politics in England (1550-1700); reels 65-85.
    Catalog Record · Guide
    Thomason tracts : the books, pamphlets, newspapers and manuscripts collected by George Thomason, 1640-1661.
    Thomason, George, d. 1666
    University Microfilms International

     This set consists of approximately 30,000 tracts and pamphlets collected by George Thomason, a London publisher and bookseller. The collection is comprehensive for those materials published during 1640-1661, and includes political writings, speeches, religious tracts, songs, humorous writings, and news reports. Full digital facsimiles are now available via Early English Books Online (EEBO).

    Catalog Record

    Northern Ireland and Scotland

    Elizabethan Ireland and the settlement of Ulster : the Carew papers at Lambeth Palace Library.
    World Microfilms Publications

    Sir George Carew held several official positions in Ireland and England from 1574 to 1611. During his various terms in office, he carefully preserved and annotated many letters and documents, both ancient and modern. The Carew papers cover the administration of Ireland and the settlement of Ulster during the 16th and early 17th centuries.

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Northern Ireland parliamentary papers, 1921-1972.
    Northern Ireland. Parliament

    Contains Command Papers, House of Commons Papers, and Senate Papers of the Northern Ireland Parliament from 1921 to 1972.

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Northern Ireland political literature.
    Linen Hall Library (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
    European Micropublishing Services

    "Northern Ireland Political Literature on Microfiche. Phase 1, Periodicals 1966-1987" is a collection of 771 periodicals filmed from the Linen Hall Library in Belfast, which has a comprehensive collection of documentation relating to political turmoil in Northern Ireland since the 1960s. CRL has FICHE no.1-3179 (1966-1989). See also related collections:

    • Northern Ireland Political Literature, 1968-1972 [catalog record]
    • Political Literature of Northern Ireland, [1973-74 and 1975] [catalog record]
    Catalog Record · Guide
    Northern Ireland political literature.
    Irish Microforms

    Set of pamphlets, journals and miscellaneous materials issued from 1968-1975, and held in the Linen Hall Library, Belfast. The update covering 1973-1975 is called Political literature of Northern Ireland.

    Catalog Record
    Pamphlets relating to Scottish nationalism, 1844-1973.
    Microform Academic Publishers

     This is a set of pamphlets, journals and miscellaneous materials issued from 1844-1973, covering historical, legal, economic, financial and other aspects of this central theme. Many were written by leading figures in Scottish political and literary circles, representing important Nationalist bodies.

    Catalog Record · Guide

    Personal Papers

    Amherst, Jeffery Amherst, Baron, 1717-1797. Papers, 1740-1783 [in the Public Record Office W.O.34].
    Amherst, Jeffery
    American Council of Learned Societies

    Microfilm set of the papers of Jeffery Amherst, first Baron Amherst.

    Catalog Record
    Ballard Collection.
    late 17th- early 18th centuries

    This set includes Manuscripts 10787-10858 in the Bodleian Library, Oxford University. The papers and correspondence reflect social conditions in Great Britain in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Blenheim papers from the British Library, London
    Marlborough, John Churchill, Duke of, 1650-1722

    Microfilm edition of the Blenheim Papers comprise the papers of John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough. His correspondence with his colleague and close friend, Lord Treasurer Godolphin, with other ministers and officials, and with diplomats and foreign powers across Europe, affords a comprehensive view of English politics and government in the first decade of the 18th century. The set also includes papers of his wife Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, and his son-in-law, the 3rd Earl of Sunderland. CRL owns all three parts of the set

    Catalog Record
    Papers of Anthony Bacon at Lambeth Palace Library, 1567-1603.
    Bacon, Anthony
    World Microfilms

    Anthony Bacon, son of Sir Nicholas Bacon, entered the service of Robert Devereux, 2nd earl of Essex, and was private secretary for foreign affairs. The papers are primarily concerned with his official duties and family matters and cover the years 1579-98. The collection was used extensively by Thomas Birch in Memoirs of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, 1754. This set includes Manuscripts 647-662 in the Lambeth Palace Library.

    Catalog Record
    Papers of Francis Place in the British Library, 1791-1854.
    Place, Francis.
    Harvester / Primary Source Microfilm

    These are the papers of the reformer Francis Place in the British Library (Add. mss. nos. 27789-27830, 27831-27859, 35142-35154, 36623-36628, 37949-37950). The papers document the beginnings of working men's associations and contain speeches and memoranda on taxation and Poor Law administration.

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Papers of Sir Edwin Chadwick, 1800-1890.
    Chadwick, Edwin, 1800-1890.
    Harvester / Research Publications

    Papers of Chadwick, English social reformer noted for his work to reform the Poor Laws and improve sanitary conditions and public health.Includes correspondence, personal papers, and working files.Guide available at call no. E-9710 - "The papers of Sir Edwin Chadwick (1800-1890) : a handlist [of the collection in the library of University College, London.]"

    Catalog Record
    Papers of Sir James Graham
    Graham, James, Sir, 1792-1861
    Harvester / Primary Source Media

    Cataloged as "Intrigue, influence, and power in nineteenth century British politics" and now part of the "Papers of Great British Statesmen and Politicians" series, this set contains the papers of Sir James Graham, British statesman and reformer. Graham was Home Secretary during the Chartist Disturbances in the premiership of Robert Peel.

    Catalog Record
    Thynne papers, 16th-18th centuries.
    Microform Academic

    This set includes the official and private correspondence of the Thynne family from about 1542-1780. The film is reproduced from the original manuscripts in the Archives of Longleat House by courtesy of the Marquess of Bath.

    Women, politics and welfare : the papers of Nancy Astor, 1879-1964 from Reading University Library. Pt. 1.
    Astor, Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor, Viscountess, 1879-1964.
    Adam Matthew Publications

    CRL owns Part 1 of the collected correspondence and papers of Nancy Astor. This set includes her unpublished manuscript autobiography and her well organized political diaries (with the text of all her parliamentary contributions) covering 1922 to 1939, her speeches (national and local) and 89 volumes of newscuttings from 1919--1964.


    Catalog Record · Guide

    Political Parties and Movements

    Archives of the British Conservative Party
    Conservative Party (Great Britain)
    Harvester/Primary Source Microfilm

    CRL owns parts 1-10 (of 10) of the series "Pamphlets and Leaflets of the British Conservative Party." The set includes:

    • Part One: 1868-1901 93 fiche
    • Part Two: 1902-1914 101 fiche
    • Part Three: 1915-1925 100 fiche
    • Part Four: 1926-1937 102 fiche
    • Part Five: 1938-1949 96 fiche
    • Part Six: 1950-1956 108 fiche
    • Part Seven: 1957-1963 118 fiche
    • Part Eight: 1964-1969 104 fiche
    • Part Nine: 1970-1978 112 fiche
    • Part Ten: 1979-1986 159 fiche

    CRL also owns the following additional parts of the set:

    • Minutes of the National Union of Conservative Associations, 1897-1956, 101 fiche
    • Minutes of the Central Council Meetings,1899-1956, 41 fiche
    • Annual Reports of the Executive Committee to the Central Council, 1919-1945, 8 fiche

    Catalog Record
    Archives of the British Labour Party
    Labour Party (Great Britain)
    Harvester/Primary Source Microfilm

    CRL owns portions of this large collection of records from the British Labour Party.

    General Correspondence and Political Records

    CRL owns parts 1-6 (of 11) of this fiche set.

    • Part 1. Labour Representation Committee, 1900-1902. 18 reels.
    • Part 2. Labour Party, 1906-1907. 15 reels.
    • Part 3. Records of the War Emergency Workers' National Committee, 1914-1918. 18 reels.
    • Part 4. Minutes and records of the Women's Labour League, 1906-1918. 38 fiche.
    • Part 5. Subject files (I), c.1906-c.1916. 15 reels.
    • Part 6. Subject files (II-III), c.1917-c.1943. 16 reels.

    Pamphlets and Leaflets, 1900-1979

    CRL owns parts 1 and 5 (of 6) of this set

    • Part 1. Pamphlets and leaflets, 1900-1906
    • Part 5. Pamphlets and leaflets, 1962-1969

    National Executive Committee Minutes, 1900-1983

    CRL owns parts 9-10 (of 10) of this set

    • Part 9. National Executive Committee Minutes, 1968-1973
    • Part 10. National Executive Committee Minutes, Apr. 1974-Dec. 1983
    Catalog Record
    Archives of the British Liberal Party
    Liberal Party (Great Britain)
    Harvester/Primary Source Microfilm

    CRL owns parts 1-4 (of 4) of the section "Pamphlets and leaflets, 1885-1974." The section includes:

    • Part One: 1885-1911 107 fiche
    • Part Two: 1912-1939 101 fiche
    • Part Three: 1940-1963 124 fiche
    • Part Four: 1964-1974 96 fiche

    See also: National Liberal Federation. Annual reports and council proceedings, 1877-1926 [catalog record].

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Archives of the Independent Labour Party
    Independent Labour Party (Great Britain)

    CRL owns the following parts of this series

    Parts One-Five: Pamphlets and Leaflets 1893-1975

    Part Six: Minutes and Related Records, National Administrative Council Minutes and Related Records, 1894-1950

    Part Seven: Minutes and Related Records, Branch Minutes and Related Records, 1892-1950

    Archives of the Parliamentary Labour Party
    Labour Party (Great Britain)

    Fiche set documents the growth of the PLP from its Edwardian origins in 1906 to the Party's landslide victory of 1945. It illustrates how the PLP responded to the challenges of the 1950s and charts the internal divisions that developed in the aftermath of the 1951 defeat.The set cotnains the following parts:

    • Minutes and Records of the Administrative Committee, 1941-1945
    • Minutes and Records of the Executive Committee, 1923-1927;
    • Minutes and Records of the Liaison Committee, 1945-1968;
    • Minutes and Records of the Parliamentary Committee, 1951-1964;
    • Minutes and Records of the Parliamentary Labour Party, 1906-1968
    Catalog Record · Guide
    British general election campaign guides, 1885-1950.
    Conservative Party (Great Britain)
    Harvester/Primary Source Microfilm

    The "Campaign Guides" give the history of all important questions of the period and a full record of performances of Conservative, Labour, Liberal, and Radical parties. They are a primary source for the arguments, questions, evidence, and contemporary viewpoints for the electoral struggles of modern Britain. The microfiche set covers the following years: 1885, 1892, 1895, 1900, 1906, 1909, 1914, 1922, 1929, 1931, 1935, 1945, 1950. No guide appeared for the elections of 1910, 1923, and 1924.

    Catalog Record
    Labour history. Series 1, British Labour Party Research Department memoranda and information papers, 1941-1979
    Labour Party (Great Britain). Research Dept
    Adam Matthew Publications

    These papers document the Labour Party's ideas and attitudes on social policy that became part of their platform. CRL owns Series 1, parts 1-3 of this collection.

    Guide to Series 1, part 1
    Guide to Series 1, part 2
    Guide to Series 1, part 3

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Pamphlets and leaflets of the Social Democratic Federation and the British Socialist Party, 1883-1931
    British Socialist Party

    "The Social Democratic Federation was the first Marxist political organization founded in Britain. Includes individual collections at the Marx Memorial Library, London, and the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam."

    Catalog Record
    Political Party Year Books, 1885-1948

    This set contains reprints of the Year Books issued by Britain's three governing parties - Conservative, Labour and Liberal - since 1885.

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Radical right and patriotic movements in Britain.

    This is a microfiche set that includes serials and non-serial publications (pamphlets, memoranda, reports) from various non-sectarian groups, including the Aims of Industry, the Bow Group, the Monday Club, Pressure for Economic and Social Toryism (PEST), and others. 

    Catalog Record · Guide

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