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CRL holds microform versions of various U.S. government agency records, including census and immigration records, White House press conference reports and State Department communications, and makes them available for study by academic researchers.
Adoption of digital communications and media since the 1990s by U.S. government agencies, from the White House to the U.S. Geological Survey, has fundamentally changed the life cycle of official records and communications.  Today most government records are created and managed in a multitude of digital systems and platforms, many of them in “the cloud.”  With the availability of digital media, moreover, the volume of the records produced has mushroomed.  (The George W. Bush White House alone generated over 200 million emails and 11 million digital photographs.)  
Born-digital U.S. government records are to be preserved in the Electronic Records Archive, a digital repository being developed by the National Archives and Records Administration.  
These developments imply a fundamentally different role for libraries in preserving government records.  That role was explored by presenters and attendees at the April 2014 Global Resources Collections Forum “Leviathan: Libraries and Government Information in the Age of Big Data." 

CRL Collections

    CRL’s collection of U.S. government records is extensive, including thousands of microform sets issued by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Collections include not only widely used census and immigration data, but also records of presidents, judiciaries, departments, bureaus, and independent agencies that chronicle the breadth of varied activity of the U.S. government since the Continental Congresses.

    Most sets are included in CRL's catalog with an indication of NARA's microfilm publication number as a searchable keyword (example: M1160 for the "Maury Abstract Logs, 1796-1861"). Commercially produced sets are cataloged according to title. Many sets are incomplete: inquire with CRL as to specific holdings for individual sets. 

    Collecting in this area continues through CRL’s purchase programs, including purchase of large sets through the Purchase Proposal Program as well as Demand Purchase of discrete content for individual patrons. Many sets are 

    The references below feature many of the strengths of CRL’s holdings. Links point to more detailed descriptions in the CRL catalog, as well as digital versions of the content or digitized finding aids for microfilm where available.

    See also:

    Declassified Documents

    Declassified Documents Reference System.
    Carrollton Press

    The retrospective collection contains documents declassified before 1975. Of the currently issued series, CRL holds fiche for documents declassified from 1975 to 1982.

    Catalog Record
    Declassified Documents Reference System: Retrospective Collection.
    Carrollton Press

    Contains documents declassified before 1975.

    Catalog Record

    Military and National Security

    Manhattan Project. Official History and Documents.
    University Publications of America

    Set contains the official history of the project to develop the atomic bomb, as well as ancillary and supporting documents. The documents reproduced in this set were declassified in 1976.

    Electronic Version · Guide
    National Security Council (U.S.) Documents of the National Security Council, 1947-1977.
    University Publications of America

    Set includes reports by various members of the National Security Council, along with related correspondence and holograph notes for the period 1947–77. CRL also holds the supplement to the main set, which contains declassified material for the period 1948–60.

    Catalog Record
    National Security Council (U.S.) Documents of the National Security Council, 1st Supplement, 1948-1960.
    National Security Council (U.S.)
    University Publications of America

    Set contains declassified material for the period 1948–60.

    Catalog Record · Guide
    United States Military Intelligence.
    United States. War Department. General Staff

    Facsimile reprint of a series of secret documents: Weekly summaries, June 2, 1917–1927; Daily summaries, Jan. 21, 1918–Apr. 30, 1919.

    Catalog Record

    Presidential Records

    Hoover, Herbert. Press Conferences, March 5, 1929-March 3, 1933.
    Hoover, Herbert.
    Herbert Hoover Presidential Library
    March 5, 1929–March 3, 1933

    Transcripts of press conferences. 

    Catalog Record
    Minutes and Documents of the Cabinet Meetings of President Johnson, 1963-1969.
    United States. President Johnson (1963–69)
    University Publications of America

    Set contains typescript memos, notes for speeches, agendas, press releases, departmental weekly reports, etc.

    Catalog Record
    Press Conferences of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945.
    Roosevelt, Franklin D.
    National Micropublishing Corp.
    Catalog Record
    Remarks by President Coolidge to Newspaper Correspondents, v. 1-11; Aug. 21, 1923-March 1, 1929.
    Coolidge, Calvin, 1872–1933
    National Micropublishing
    Aug. 21, 1923–March 1, 1929

    Press conferences of Calvin Coolidge.

    Catalog Record
    Truman, Harry S. Press Conferences, April 17, 1945-Jan. 15, 1953.
    Truman, Harry S.
    U.S. National Archives and Records Service
    April 17, 1945–Jan. 15, 1953
    Catalog Record
    Wilson, Woodrow. Press Conferences, March 22, 1913-July 10, 1919.
    Wilson, Woodrow
    National Micropublishing
    March 22, 1913–July 10, 1919
    Catalog Record

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