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    CRLs collection supports research and instructional needs in anthropology with monographs, periodicals, and primary source material. Primary emphasis is on ethnography and cultural and social anthropology. Government records of colonial and post-colonial periods of European empires, as well as dissertations examining the socio-economic and political institutions that evolved during colonial periods are important elements of the collection. Works on folklore and other related literary sources can also be found. The collection is primarily in Russian and English. Collecting in this area continues through the purchase programs and CRLs exchange program with the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    The references below feature the strengths of CRLs holdings in this subject area. Links point to more detailed descriptions in our catalog, as well as to digital versions of the content or digitized finding aids for microfilm where available.

    Conference Proceedings

    World anthropology: papers and conference proceedings
    International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences

    Papers prepared for the 7th, 9th, and 10th International Congresses of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences.

    Catalog Record


    Microfilm collection of manuscripts on Middle American cultural anthropology.
    Dept. of Photographic Reproduction, University of Chicago Library

    The set reproduces in microfilm copies of typewritten manuscripts in the University of Chicago library. The materials primarily are about the peoples of the Americas and include field notes, grammars, concordances, reports, etc. Series has three titles:

    1. Microfilm Collection of Manuscripts on Middle American Cultural Anthropology (No. 1–51; 1945–56)
    2. Microfilm Collection of Manuscripts on American Indian Cultural Anthropology (No. 52–91; 1957–71)
    3. Microfilm Collection of Manuscripts on Cultural Anthropology (No. 92/94; 1971–)

    CRL holdings include:

    • Series I–IX (items 1–64) of this collection, which are individually cataloged in CRL’s OPAC.
    • Series X–LXVIII (items 65–66, 70–72, 76–98, 11, 103, 106, 108–13, 115–17, 120–23, 126–132, 136, 141–46, 156–161, 165–171, 175–76, 180–91, 195–96, 200–08, 221, 226–27, 231–36, 241–47, 251–52, 256–57, 261–62, 266, 271–94, 296–97, 301–06, 316–19, 321–25, 336, 351, 361, 368).

    Personal Papers

    Ephraim George Squier Papers, 1841-84
    Squier, E. G. (Ephraim George), 1821–88

    Correspondence and other papers of this archaeologist, diplomat, and businessman who served in U.S. diplomatic posts in Central and South America. His writings show interest in anthropology and ethnology.

    The papers are arranged in the following series: General Correspondence; Honduran Representatives File; Honduras Interoceanic Railway File; Speech, Article, and Book File; Miscellany; and Addition.

    Author’s works held by CRL

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Professional correspondence of Franz Boas.
    Boas, Franz
    Scholarly Resources

    GUIDE: Professional correspondence of Franz Boas: guide to the microfilm collection. E-4531 Boas’ correspondence in English and German, from 1878 to 1943. Due to his central role in American anthropology from the early 1900s to his 1943 death, Boas’ writing offers insight into the development of modern anthropology and of ideas of race and culture. Boas played a central role in American academic anthropology from the early 1900s to his death in 1943, and his work is extremely important for any historian who wishes to trace the development of modern American anthropology. Boas' career and writings offer important insights into the modern history of ideas of race and culture, and the institutional development and disciplinary coalescence of modern anthropology. His professional life also is a convenient focus for historians interested in chronicling the intellectual shift from evolutionary to historical and functionalist modes of ethnological analysis.

    Catalog Record

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