Global Resources Law Partnership

CRL and the Law Library Microform Consortium (LLMC) are working together to identify, preserve, and provide digital access to important, at-risk, primary legal and government publications from U.S. and other national jurisdictions.

The partnership, established in August 2010, digitizes critical primary source publications of interest to the CRL community, provides access to the rich collection of materials in the LLMC-Digital database, and archives print originals to ensure the survival of legacy primary government and legal publications. At its April 2012 meeting the CRL Council of Voting Members affirmed the importance of these activities to the CRL community as a whole.

The Collection

A joint CRL-LLMC committee guides prioritization of collections for digitization. Materials are chosen that support the interests of CRL libraries and augment CRL collection strengths in area and international studies.

As of January 2017, the LLMC-Digital database included more than 9,000 titles in 103,000 volumes (over 63 million pages) covering the U.S., Canada, and a range of other jurisdictions. Scanning is performed primarily from hard-copy volumes.  Print preservation is an important activity of LLMC, which stores volumes donated for scanning in a secure "dark" archive.

Potential uses of LLMC-Digital content reflect the growing importance of primary source legal documents for social science and humanities research. Statutes, court journals, case reports, treatises and other legal texts support research on topics such as international relations, global trade, environmental policy, labor politics, civil rights, and immigration.


Through the partnership, all CRL libraries have access to the LLMC-Digital database. An evaluation of this database and consultation with CRL membership about the partnership took place in April 2012.

Content plan

To date LLMC has digitized over 20,000 volumes (over 15 million pages) of historical legal publications from CRL and sponsored collections.  The full texts of these digitized materials are available in the LLMC-Digital database, and bibliographic records are included in CRL’s catalog and in WorldCat.

Content added in 2010-2014

  • Historical legal treatises from CRL’s collections (over 700 titles)
  • Canadian federal and provincial legislative journals (c. 2,900  volumes)
  • U.S. state legislative journals from the western and southern states (c. 8,000 volumes)
  • African legal documents from the British colonial and post-colonial eras, selected from The Common Law Abroad bibliography (2001) and held at the LA Country Law Library (c. 1,500 volumes)
  • Comprehensive collections of historical legal documents and publications from Haiti and Cuba
  • Primary source legal publications from Latin America, Eastern Europe, and other world areas.

Content planned for 2014-2017

  • Additional U.S State Legislative Journals (CRL’s total holdings are estimated at 14,000 volumes)
  • African documents and law reports, including Francophone colonial materials
  • Cuban historical legal documents to continue building a comprehensive historical collection
  • Foreign legal and government publications from South Asia, Latin America, and other regions
  • Foreign Official Gazettes covering African and Middle Eastern countries from independence to current years.

More Information

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