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Teleconferences on Gale Cengage
22 May 2013

In 2013 Cengage Learning, the parent company of Gale, announced its filing for bankruptcy. CRL will host a teleconference with Frank Menchaca, senior vice president for Global Content at Cengage, to discuss the implications of the Chapter 11 filing for library customers of Gale.

CRL Update: Annual Meeting and Government Data
10 May 2013

The report from CRL's April 2013 annual meeting described the state of the Center in 2013, and its agenda for 2014.

CRL and NERL news
1 Apr 2013

CRL and the North East Research Libraries Consortium (NERL), have come to an agreement to relocate NERL operations to CRL.   Under this new arrangement NERL will be managed as a cooperative program under the CRL organizational umbrella.

The Scholars Portal Repository
20 Feb 2013

CRL certified Scholars Portal as a trustworthy digital repository for electronic journals. Scholars Portal plays a central role in hosting and archiving e-journal collections subscribed to by Ontario universities.The repository is a critical part of the infrastructure that protects the investment of Ontario libraries in research materials. 

CRL and the News
1 Oct 2012

CRL’s newspaper collections have been, and remain, an important source for historians. CRL’s strategy for ensuring persistent access to historical news coverage is evolving, and will increasingly involve licensing and subscription to online databases.

Print Archives Holdings Registry
1 Aug 2012

The Print Archives Preservation Registry (PAPR), now available online, is designed to support archiving and management of serial collections. Its provides detailed information about the titles, holdings, and terms and conditions of the major print archiving programs. 

CRL annual meeting follow-up
27 Apr 2012

The report from CRL's April 2012 annual meeting described the state of the Center in 2012, and its outlook for 2013.

CRL and Linda Hall Library Global Resources Partnership
27 Mar 2012

CRL and the Linda Hall Library's new strategic partnership will preserve and develop print back file holdings in the fields of science, technology and engineering. The partnership will build upon the rich holdings of the two institutions, which constitute a premier library of global science. 

CRL and Electronic Resources
23 Jan 2012

CRL, CRKN and JISC Collections will share expertise and resources to improve access to major humanities and social science databases, and to support U.S., Canadian, and U.K. national research priorities and strategies.  

CRL - collections facility upgrade
13 Sep 2011

Major upgrades of the CRL physical plant will improve the integrity of the building’s exterior “envelope,” and improve the HVAC and fire safety systems. 

CRL- Ithaka study on print archiving
17 Feb 2011

CRL has engaged Ithaka S+R to study the factors that inform archiving practices and strategies by libraries and consortia and enhance existing CRL resources for archives decision-making.

CRL Global Resources: Looking Ahead
11 Oct 2010

How specialists from CRL libraries work together to build shared research collections around area studies interests, and how CRL libraries help ensure the survival of important historical and cultural evidence from the major world regions.

New academic year / new partnerships
9 Sep 2010

At the outset of the 2010-2011 academic year, a report on how CRL is working with other organizations with common missions to work together to bring new support and perspectives to CRL collection-building and services.  

Portico as a trustworthy digital repository
14 Jan 2010

CRL certifies Portico as a reliable digital preservation solution.  Its practices and services are generally sound and appropriate to the content being archived and to the needs of the CRL community.