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This page highlights current and new projects undertaken by SEAM and will include project summaries and updates. New project submissions are welcome. For summaries of past projects and indexes or guides to material, please visit the Guides to SEAM Collections.

Cenderawasih Pos

The University of Hawaii at Manoa has contributed its holdings from 1999-2010 of Cenderawasih Pos, a newpspaer from West Papua, Indonesiai for microfilming.


SEAM will microfilm Ohio University's holdings of this Malaysian newspaper for 1998-2010.  Harakah has a reputation for voicing political opposition in Malaysia, where traditionally newspaper content has been tightly controlled by the government.

Pos Maluku

This Indonesian daily newspaper from Eastern Indonesia will be microfilmed by SEAM.  The issues to be filmed include May 1991 - December 1994, when this newspaper ceased to publish.  Holdings are being provided by the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Radar Bogor

SEAM has been microfilming Radar Bogor for the years 1999-2011. This newspaper is published in the Bogor region of Indonesia and the holdings to be filmed come from the University of Michigan.


Cornell holds twelve years (1952–63) of this official Khmer-language Cambodian government gazette. With SEAM’s support, Cornell will have these issues microfilmed and will supply SEAM with a copy of the microfilm.

SEAM/Cornell University Southeast Asian Newspaper Project

SEAM and Cornell University are collaborating to film a large body of Southeast Asian newspapers held in the John M. Echols Collection at Cornell. This four-year collaboration will result in more than 200 titles filmed. For more information on individual titles, please consult the CRL catalog.

SEAM/Luce Microfilming and Preservation Project in Vietnam

In October 1993, the Center for Research Libraries submitted a proposal on SEAM’s behalf to the Henry Luce Foundation for preservation microfilming activities of important historical material in Vietnam. The Luce Foundation awarded $180,000 to SEAM for this project in 1994; the Harvard Yenching Institute provided an additional $35,000 to support the purchase of camera equipment. Project funds have been used to purchase filming and processing equipment, support travel for researchers and consultants involved in negotiations and training with Vietnamese institutions, and pay for project staff engaged in the administration and duties of the project. The project aims to make specific materials available to U.S. researchers, while providing Vietnamese research institutions with the capacity for sustained preservation activities. More information and project updates can be found here.

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