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Comprehensive printed guides to MEMP’s collections are no longer issued, as they have been superceded by CRL’s online catalog.

The August 2011 Holdings List, the most complete list of MEMP’s collections, contains the definitive bibliographic listing of all materials MEMP has collected. The list displays material organized by country and alphabetized by author/title.

Recent Receipts and Cataloged Items

These lists of recently received and cataloged MEMP items are provided to members at MEMP meetings, which are held once a year.

The Middle East in Microform

The Middle East in Microform: A Union List of Middle Eastern Microforms in North American Libraries is now available on the University of Washington’s Website. This resource was compiled by Fawzi W. Khoury and Michele Bates in 1991 and was originally conceived by the MEMP Executive Committee as a guide for selection of material for microfilming or acquisition.

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