Other Print Archive Programs

The library community is rapidly replacing library print materials with digital content. These changes have also led to an increase in new print archiving initiatives. New and existing archiving initiatives take many forms. They range from collaborative partnerships in which libraries agree to house and share print copies for a larger group, to discipline specific programs with print stored off site in controlled environmental conditions.

As part of CRL’s effort to support regional and national level print archiving efforts throughout North America the PAPR Archives Registry includes a directory of print archive programs in North America. For each print archive project, the Print Archive Registry includes a narrative description and specific characteristics such as Format Archived, and Retention Period, with a link to the host institution for more information. Please consult the PAPR database, (http://papr.crl.edu/) for more information.

Some of the projects included in the Print Archives Registry are listed below:

For more information about the Print Archives Registry or to submit information about your print archiving program, please contact Marie Waltz, waltz at crl dot edu. To CRL's