Newspapers are important sources for historical research. Because of their ephemeral nature and poor quality materials, as well as daily consumption and disposal, newspapers are often lost. CRL and several partner institutions endeavor to protect and preserve these resources.

International Coalition on Newspapers (ICON)

CRL manages the ICON project, with partial funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities. ICON supports major research library efforts to manage and preserve foreign newspaper collections. The ICON website features a wealth of information relating to these activities.

United States Newspaper Program (USNP)

The United States Newspaper Program (USNP)  joint program of the Library of Congress and the National Endowment for the Humanities was established to “locate, catalog, and preserve [on microfilm] newspapers published throughout the United States, providing continued access for scholars and researchers to the ‘first draft’ of U.S. history as recorded in the press.”

American Antiquarian Society (AAS)

The American Antiquarian Society (AAS) is the nation’s chief repository of early American newspapers. The Society acquires, preserves, and makes available for use its premised newspapers published in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the United States, Canada, and the English-speaking West Indies. The Society adds “an average of 3,000 issues a year to its holdings . . . [and] has accumulated over 15,000 newspaper titles in 20,000 volumes. Today, AAS has more than two million issues on five miles of shelving.”