Other Journal Archives

Regional efforts to develop print archives are now proliferating. A number of consortia have begun to form shared print collections of journals that are produced in both print and electronic format by large publishers such as Wiley, Kluwer, Elsevier.

University of California Library System

The University of California Library System is undertaking a wide variety of initiatives to develop new areas of shared collections and archives and enhance current areas of cooperation. Among these initiatives are jointly negotiated electronic serial subscriptions with print counterparts intended for shared archiving, and plans to create a shared archive of government documents.

The Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL)

OCUL has a number of print journal activities underway. They are investigating the creation of a centrally maintained OCUL Print Journal Title and Holdings Registry. Developing a 'Weeding Tool Kit'. They are also engaged in discussions with other Canadian consortia, such as COPPUL, CAUL, and CREPUQ to determine how these individual efforts might be linked. At the Fall 2008 OCUL meeting at Lakehead University, members agreed on a strategy to address the challenges of maintaining low-use and last copy print materials. It was decided that the preservation of a last copy, regardless of format, is an important general principle for OCUL, and that immediate action is required to ensure long-term retention. This agreement is available on the OCUL website

University of Florida

The University of Florida continues to be committed to print archiving. Locally, it continues to receive print versions of Kluwer/Springer electronic journal titles and is discussing a similar option with Blackwell and Elsevier. The University has an off-site storage facility for its library materials which it is reviewing for renovation and/or expansion, in part to maintain a print archive of journals.

Orbis/Cascade Alliance Distributed Print Repository Pilot Project

This project collects print volumes for all JSTOR and American Chemical Society (ACS) titles. As of March 2007, 24 libraries have been assigned responsibility for holding titles in the distributed print repository. The goal is for all 418 JSTOR and ACS titles to be represented by two print runs, for a total of 836 titles. As of fall 2009 there were 55 titles for which either no library held print or where only one complete or partial run was available for the depository. For more information about the projects see the OrbisCascade web site at: http://www.orbiscascade.org/staff home/CDMCindex.html

Phoenix Group

The Phoenix Group, a consortium of Northern Texas academic libraries, is planning the prospective cooperative acquisition of some of the same major publishers’ output, to minimize or eliminate the cost of redundant print subscriptions.

Western North Carolina Libraries Network

The Western North Carolina Libraries Network has developed a distributed print system for JSTOR titles already held within their system. Titles may be redistributed to the library with the most holdings and housed there for preservation. Currently they are not moving print or microforms, however they are developing their DRL (Designated Retaining Library) system. All 3 libraries have access to all JSTOR collections except the most recently opened Business collection. All JSTOR titles that are held are represented in their shared online catalog and can be accessed there or through the JSTOR portal by authorized users. They are exploring similar arrangements with other publishers. There is a pilot project for doing something similar with monographs.