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Full Name Title Email Address Departmentsort icon Extension
McKinley Hudson Library Technician mhudson [at] crl [dot] edu Access Services 321
Kevin Wilks Head, Access Services kwilks [at] crl [dot] edu Access Services 314
Teeaye Nettles Library Technician tnettles [at] crl [dot] edu Access Services 321
Michelle Carver Unit Supervisor mcarver [at] crl [dot] edu Access Services 321
Vanessa Weatherspoon Check-In Clerk vweatherspoon [at] crl [dot] edu Access Services 325
Margaret Stigler Accounting Specialist mstigler [at] crl [dot] edu Accounting 345
Lakesha Threatt Accounting Specialist lthreatt [at] crl [dot] edu Accounting 344
Raymond Sallay Controller rsallay [at] crl [dot] edu Accounting 350
Ryan Roberts Accounting Assistant rroberts [at] crl [dot] edu Accounting /NERL 319
Udodi Okoh NERL Accounting & Financial Assistant uokoh [at] crl [dot] edu Accounting /NERL 316
Bernard Reilly President breilly [at] crl [dot] edu Administration 334
James Simon Vice President, Collections and Services jsimon [at] crl [dot] edu Administration 324
Virginia Kerr Head, Communications and Membership Development vkerr [at] crl [dot] edu Administration 265
Gwen Ihnat Communications Specialist gihnat [at] crl [dot] edu Administration 289
Patrick Lummen Head Facilities and Collections Environment plummen [at] crl [dot] edu Facilities 317
William Drzewiecki Building Engineer wdrzewiecki [at] crl [dot] edu Facilities 425
Yvonne Jefferson Administrative Services yjefferson [at] crl [dot] edu H.R. & Admin. Services 342
Teletha Brown Human Resource Specialist tbrown [at] crl [dot] edu H.R. & Admin. Services  
Toni Kibort Director of Human Resources & Administrative Services tkibort [at] crl [dot] edu H.R. & Admin.Services 348
Maria Smith Digital Repository Analyst msmith [at] crl [dot] edu International Resources 322
Judith Alspach GRN-AMPS Program Manager jalspach [at] crl [dot] edu International Resources 323
Lorraine M. Henderson Newspaper and Sales Assistant lhenderson [at] crl [dot] edu International Resources 300
Darmon Lewis Library Technician dlewis [at] crl [dot] edu Member Services 287
Francis Alba Project Assistant, Licensing falba [at] crl [dot] edu Member Services 318
Mary Wilke Member Liaison and Outreach Services Director mwilke [at] crl [dot] edu Member Services 351
Chrisine Stamison NERL Program Director cstamison [at] crl [dot] edu NERL 333
Vida Bjelopetrovich  NERL Program Assistant vbjelopetrovich [at] crl [dot] edu NERL 266
Bethany Bates Head, Stacks Management bbates [at] crl [dot] edu Stacks Management 339
Aileen Mulchrone Library Specialist amulchrone [at] crl [dot] edu Stacks Management 329
Moises Gamez Technical Support Specialist mgamez [at] crl [dot] edu Systems 349
Prasad Pamidimukkala Network Administrator & Systems Specialist prasad [at] crl [dot] edu Systems 346
Patricia Xia Director of Information Systems pxia [at] crl [dot] edu Systems 341
Ryan Jacobs Web and Digital Library Specialist rjacobs [at] crl [dot] edu Systems


Ashma Shrestha Web and Digital Library Specialist ashrestha [at] crl [dot] edu Systems


Maurice Bell Library Technician mbell [at] crl [dot] edu Technical Services 331
Sharron President Library Technician spresident [at] crl [dot] edu Technical Services 287
Alan Diep Unit Supervisor adiep [at] crl [dot] edu Technical Services 287
Marcella Fisher Library Technician mfisher [at] crl [dot] edu Technical Services 330
Marie Waltz Special Projects Manager, Digital Repository Certification mwaltz [at] crl [dot] edu Technical Services 267
Stephen Early Cataloger searly [at] crl [dot] edu Technical Services 326
Christine Matheis Financial and Exchange Assistant cmatheis [at] crl [dot] edu Technical Services 332
Nathaniel Florin Serials Receiving and Copy Cataloging Clerk nflorin [at] crl [dot] edu Technical Services 322
Amy Wood Director of Technical Services awood [at] crl [dot] edu Technical Services 327
Andrew Elliott Cataloger, Special Projects aelliott [at] crl [dot] edu Technical Services 313
Constance Jurczyk Metadata QA Specialist cjurczyk [at] crl [dot] edu Technical Services  
Yoseline Pluviose-Louisma Special Projects Manager ylouisma [at] crl [dot] edu Technical Services 340
Nick Casas CRRA Program Coordinator ncasas [at] crl [dot] edu Technical Services 376
Chad Thies Subject Specialist PERL Programmer cthies [at] crl [dot] edu Technical Services 313


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